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I mentioned this in a previous post, but let me call it out explicitly.  The “it” from the previous sentence is a piece of market research conducted by Accentrue.  It talks about where Linux adoption in the enterprise (UK and US) is today.

Some highlights from the 300 businesses that were interviewed for the research:

  • 50% are fully committed to open source in their business
  • 28% say they are experimenting with open source and keeping an open mind to using it
  • 65% have a fully documented strategic approach for using open source in their business
  • 32% are developing a strategic plan for OSS adoption
  • Of the organizations using open source, 88% will increase their investment in the software in 2010 compared to 2009
  • An increase in demand for open source based on quality, reliability and speed, not just cost savings

There is much more in the article, so I strongly recommend clicking through.

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The good part about LinuxCon were the sessions I attended and the people I spoke with.  The bad part was the sessions I did not manage to attend.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, as they say, so at this juncture of the narrative I actually have some fond memories of my sojourn in Paris Island, North Carolina, where I learning various life affirming skills as US Marine recruit.  Dark humor aside, I remember being instructed by one of the Drill Instructors about what happens when a Drill Instructor speaks.  If you are curious, the answer is “The world stops” (some epithets were added to that, but I will leave their specific nature to your imagination </p>
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