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I came out of the dark after so long just to say: Launchpad is now open source!

For those who don’t know Launchpad, you should check out the Launchpad tour, here. It’s full of awesomeness. :)

Until today it was known that Canonical would keep Soyuz and Codehosting closed source, but for everyone’s surprise, Launchpad was fully open sourced, wisely out in the wild under the AGPLv3 free license.

If you are interested in contributing or are curious, here’s a starter: It’s the development wiki, feel free to try it out and fix wildly, after all, it’s a wiki for God sake! </p>
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Hey folks! Long time no see.

If blogging was fast like microblogging (as twitter or, it would be much easier to keep this blog updated, differently of the rusty dusty state it is now. :)

Well. :)

As some of you may know, I’m now working at Canonical – the Ubuntu commercial sponsor -, and I’m really happy and excited about it! I can finally use Ubuntu without my friends bugging me – haha! Just kidding guys. </p>
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