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Wow its Tursday already?

Where is the week going? Let see Sunday I met up with a colleague of mine David Mandela and we went over to the Imperial War Museum, which turned out to be less than a mile from our hotel. Its an excellent museum, it will take you 2 or 3 days to see the whole thing from top to bottom. I would recommend it.

Monday meetings all day. Then to the pub for drinks and dinner and the obligatory pub quiz. This is were you pay a 1 pound per person entry fee and you divide your group into teams of no more than four people. You are handed a sheet with photos of celebrities, and an answer sheet. Your team has to write down the name of the celeb, once thats done you move on to questions. They range from the local news, gossip, history etc... The pub quiz master walks around reading the questions aloud and collectively your team writes the answer on your sheet. At the end of it all your swap sheets with the another team and grade/score. Its actually quite fun... the issue for the non-British player is everything is British. Try guessing who won the football (soccer for the American's) championship of a specific league in 1994. In the end the one with the highest score wins all the money that everyone paid in, plus a plate of English sausages. My team came in 4th.

Wendsday night we went to a place for dinner called Dans le Noir (Dining in the Dark). The idea is that you eat your dinner totally in the dark. You are lead around and served by a blind waiter and you don't know whats on the menu. Fun huh? I actually had more fun than I thought I would. You get to pick a "style" of menu by color. Red == Meat, Blue == Fish, Green == Veggie, White == Chef's Special. So for example if you picked Red your would have a "meat" based dinner. The food was excellent somewhat exotic. I had the red menu and some of my "meats" were Ostrich, Venison etc... (You get to look at the menu if you want to after dinner).

More fun in London to come, dinner and bowling (at the same time or so I'm told) tonight.


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Pete & Amber

In London.

Its Saturday and I'm in London. Didn't feel that well today. I think traveling is catching up with me. I slept most of the day. I wandered over to a restaurant across from the hotel, its called "The English Maid". Its on a boat permanently docked in the Themes River, right inbetween Vauxhall and Lambeth bridges.
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They have free wireless and plasma TV's. Food is reasonably priced. So thats where I write this post from.

I flew out Wed evening from Raleigh to London Heathrow. The nice thing is that American Air now has a non-stop flight. The only bummer was I landed at 0630 in the morning and took the Heathrow Express train from the airport to Paddington Station in downtown London. Then switched to the underground and on to Victoria Station, then changed to Victoria Line and on to Vauxhall station. All the while humping my overly heavy computer bag and suitcase. From there I had a 10 min walk to the hotel. I was hoping to check in, shower and then head to the office. No such luck. My room wasn't ready so all I could do was drop my bag off and take the 10min walk with my large ass computer bag to the office.

I met up with a member of my team, Amit. We went out to the Morbeth Arms pub for a pint and then ended up staying there for dinner. Matt Zimmerman joined us so a good time was had.

Friday was a late day at the office trying to finish up lots of little nitpicky things before the week end.

Not sure what to do tomorrow. Hopefully this headache will go away.


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Pete & Amber


For a job that is "Work from home" I'm sure not home a whole lot. Looks like I'll be in London in Aug (14th - 22nd). I'm soliciting suggestions on what to do over the weekend. Thoughts anyone?

I'll be traveling every month up to the end of the year. In Sep, Linux Plumbers Conference, in Oct. a visit to our office in Taiwan, Nov. another conference Linux End User Collaboration Summit and in Dec the Ubuntu Developer Summit in CA. Thats only the ones I know about, I'm sure a few others will get squeezed in.

I've been neglect in posting to the Blog. Since starting with Canonical I've had lots of questions about the company, Ubuntu community, culture etc... I'm planing on taking some time and doing a detailed posting in the near future. So if your interested stay tuned.


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Pete & Amber

Canonical Followup

Since my last posting I've received numerous, emails, IMs & text messages about going to work for Canonical. All in all, the majority have been good wishes and "glad to have you back in the community" messages. However I have had numerous questions so I thought I'd answer here since my blog is where it all originated from.

Q. What are you going to be doing?
A. Ubuntu Kernel Manager. (The following is more for my family since the title means nothing to them). Here is the job description:

Job Title: Ubuntu Kernel Team Manager
Job Location: Your home, given appropriate facilities including broadband Internet
Reports to: Ubuntu CTO (Matt Zimmerman)
Job Summary: Drive the leading edge of desktop and server OS technology based on the Linux kernel, open source methodology, and a supportive community of users and developers.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:
• Lead a team of engineers responsible for the development and maintenance of the Ubuntu branch of the Linux kernel
• Take overall responsibility for day to day kernel development
• Manage project plans and schedules
• Encourage and enable community participation in accordance with the unique philosophies and practices of Ubuntu
• Ensure world­class hardware compatibility for Ubuntu by working with vendor and OEM partners to deliver driver support for their components and systems
• Provide direct line management for a fast­moving team of 5+ individuals
• Provide regular updates on program results and provide feedback and new action plans if necessary
• Lead and participate in regular development “sprints” involving international travel, 4+ week­long trips per year

Required skills and experience:
• Proven track record in project management and management of small­medium sized teams at a global level
• 3­ to 5 years experience in technical project management, Linux and open source focus strongly preferred
• Solid knowledge of software/software industry trends, particularly open source software
• Strong English language communication skills, especially in online
environments such as mailing lists and IRC
• Fundamental technical understanding of the Linux kernel and its development, and with architectural
principles of Linux distributions (including packaging)
• Ability to effectively interact with diverse group of people (technical, non­technical); multi­task when necessary
• Ability to be productive in a globally distributed team through self­discipline and self­motivation, delivering according to a schedule.

Key Qualities:
• Self­driven, results ­oriented with a positive outlook, detail ­oriented, responsive, proactive

Q. How does this differ what what you did at Red Hat?
A. I don't know. I am reserving all comments and speculation about the position until I've been doing the job for a bit. Canonical is not Red Hat and as such there will be differences as well as similarities, I just don't know enough to speak to them yet.

Q. What made you decide to leave HP?
A. Lots of things really. The primary driver was that I missed being in the Linux and Open Source world. While the application (HP's Server Automation System, formally Opsware) I was supporting did run on Linux, along with Solaris and Windows, you were very removed from the OS and free software in general. Many people will consider using MS Windows daily as a dumb reason to want to change jobs, just ask Amber she will tell you all about it. The fact is that HP uses MS Windows as the primary desktop and as such so did I. Let me first state that you can use other OSs (Linux, OS X, etc...) but they are not officially supported and most things that I needed to use on a day to day basis as a manger did not work with the "Non supported OS's". Many of the internal applications were written for IE and didn't work at all with Firefox or any other browser. As such I realized how bad Windows sucks. Reboots daily, applications disappearing in the middle of using them, lost data. Its really quite depressing having to use Outlook for email. I missed my Linux desktop.

Those were the top questions. I had lots of other ones that I don't want to answer just yet, mainly because I don't know enough about what the job is (or is not) going to be.

I am excited and will keep everyone updated here as thing progress.


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Pete & Amber

Job change ...

Short and sweet... more details to follow. This was more to save me the multiple explanations.

I decided to leave HP and have taken a position with Canonical as the Ubuntu Kernel Manager.

Why leave HP? The job I was doing was not working with Linux. Yea yea I knew that going in but I wasn't prepared for the Linux withdrawal. The offer from Canonical was very interesting and I just couldn't refuse.

I will be working out of my home in NC, as such I've been busy getting the upstairs guest bed room ready as an office. As part of the exercise I've managed to gather up about 3 large totes of misc cables, part and computer bits that I need to get rid of. Becca decided she wants to have a yard sale and keep the money she makes from it. Like dad would ever have a say? It is good to get rid of the junk.

We'll be going to the mountains for the Memorial Day weekend, hopefully hooking up with Greg & Tammy and mucho brews.

More to follow...


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