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John Pugh

In early November, Canonical and Accountz finalized packaging for Business Accountz Enterprise 120 day trial into the Ubuntu Partner repository. With the addition of Accountz, Ubuntu now has enterprise class accounting software designed for businesses of all sizes.

Business Accountz Enterprise is designed to keep books for businesses of all sizes. A simple install from the Ubuntu Partner respository allows a company to try out Business Accountz Enterprise for 120 days at no-cost.

The features of this package include:

  • Manage suppliers
  • Design and print purchase orders
  • Track bills
  • Automate transactions
  • Manage customers
  • Design and print invoices
  • Send quotes and estimates
  • Track invoices
  • Manage bookkeeping
  • Free lifetime forum support

For more information on Business Accountz, please go to their website.

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John Pugh

Enterprise class tools are making their way into Ubuntu. One such tool for enterprise class backup is Arkeia Network Backup. Arkeia has been a partner of Canonical for some time and recently have completed work to be added to the Ubuntu Partner Repository.

Arkeia has made Arkeia Network Backup version 8 available to Ubuntu users via the Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Partner Repository. Not only did Arkeia make their product available, they made it FREE exclusively to Ubuntu 8.04 LTS users. That is right, you read correctly, FREE.

Arkeia Network Backup, Enterprise Edition for Ubuntu is fully-featured and is not time-limited.   One free, perpetual license is granted per individual or company and only web registration is required.

The enterprise license includes:

  • one backup server running on Ubuntu
  • up to 250GB capacity for backup to disk
  • support of any single drive, tape or disk
  • 2 client agents to backup many types of client machines including Windows workstations and desktops, and the vast majority of Linux machines, Mac OS X and BSD computers

Arkeia Network Backup features an easy-to-use web interface so that backup policy setup and management is a breeze. Arkeia’s backup engine leverages parallelism extensively, making Arkeia Network Backup one of the fastest backup and restore solutions in the market.  Source-side data deduplication will be available in early 2010, making backups and restores faster and easier than ever. More than 150 different applications and platforms are supported with specific packages.

If you are running Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS and wish to install Arkeia Network Backup, simply run “sudo apt-get install arkeia” to get started.

For more information about Arkeia go to For more information about Arkeia and Ubuntu go to .


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