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Chris Johnston

Over the past few months a lot of work has been done to the Summit Scheduler. This all culminated this past week when I sent in an RT to update the production instance of Summit. This included somewhere in the neighborhood of 8,000 lines of code change between Summit and the two themes that are run.

There are two major changes to Summit from the changes this past week. The first is that Summit has been rethemed to meet the new design guidelines for Ubuntu. This work was completed with major assistance by Alexander Fougner, Stephen Williams, and Brandon Holtsclaw who each put in numerous hours to make this happen.

The other major change, which affects the way that you will work with Summit is that you now have the ability to propose meetings in Summit removing the requirement that you create a blueprint. Also, as long as you’re using the new propose meeting feature in Summit, you no longer have to have a special name for your meeting, this is now done automatically. I also created a video which will walk you through the process of proposing a meeting in Summit.

As always, please file bugs if you find any issues!

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Chris Johnston

The Summit Hackers have been hard at work again creating new features to make Summit easier to use. However, we need your help testing these features before the public release. This is where you, the user, come in! I have created a Test Summit on my server and created a test sprint in Launchpad and here is where I need your help with testing:

First, visit the test sprint in Launchpad, next mark yourself as attending. Please note, it could take up to 20 minutes before you are able to use summit after marking yourself as attending. You can either attend physically or remotely, it doesn’t matter. While you are there, take the time to create a couple of test meetings. Please be sure when you create these test meetings to follow the naming guidelines below.

Hey Chris, what are the new features? I am so glad you asked! The new features are:

For Attendees:

Summit now supports the ability for attendees to propose meetings right inside of Summit! On certain pages in Summit, you will now see an “Actions” area. Depending on what part of the cycle we are in, you may see different links. During the sponsorship application process, you will see links to apply for sponsorship. If you have the ability to review sponsorship applications, this is where you will find that link during that time period. During the scheduling phase of the cycle, you will be able to “Propose a Meeting.” What this means is that you will create a meeting in Summit, which will then go into a holding pattern waiting for a Track Lead or Summit Organizer to approve or deny your meeting. You may be familiar with this behavior, as it isThis is a very similar behavior as it has been with what you may have seen with Launchpad.

For Track Leads, Schedulers, and Organizers:

If you are listed as a Track Lead, Scheduler, or Organizer in Summit, you will have the ability to “Create a Meeting” and “Review Proposed Meetings.” When creating a meeting, you have the ability to mark a meeting as Private. If a meeting is marked as private, you will have to get it scheduled through a scheduler (Michelle and Marianna for UDS, Arwen for Linaro Connect), it will not be automatically scheduled. Non-private meetings that are created by a Track Lead, Scheduler, or Organizer will be automatically scheduled when slots are available.

The other option that this group has is reviewing proposed meetings. There are three different options for the status, Approved, Pending, and Declined, which you get to by clicking the current status. Pending and Declined meetings show up on this page, while Approved meetings are auto-scheduled and no not show up here.

Known Issues:
* All tracks are shown in the track choice list, not just the ones for the current summit
* Edit meeting links don’t work
* Issues with the form theme

Creating Meetings through Launchpad

The good news is–the old way still works! You will still able to create meetings through Launchpad Blueprints just like before. There are a few things you will need to be aware of as you create meetings this way, these are as follows:


I have created a couple of tracks for this Test Summit. They are as follows:

Name                         Slug
Community        community
Linaro                     linaro
QA                               qa
Ubuntu                  ubuntu

Blueprint naming standards

When creating a blueprint in Launchpad, please follow the required naming standards whereis a custom name that you create for your meeting:

For the Community track:


For the Linaro track:


For the QA track:


For the Ubuntu track:


Managers, Organizers, Track Leads, oh my!

If you are a member of ~summit-users on Launchpad, please take the time to approve/deny blueprints in launchpad.. I would like to have a couple denied, just to make sure everything still works properly. The same thing with the new meeting review feature in Summit. Please do not approve all meetings! Some of them need to be declined to ensure that everything is working properly!

IT’S VERY IMPORTANT that people who are in the role of Track Lead, Scheduler, or Organizer for UDS and Linaro Connect test things and give your feedback, please don’t wait until the week before your event to test this, please be considerate to those volunteers who are working to make this better for everyone. If you feel that you should have this access but don’t, please contact me and I will get you setup.

If you run into any problems, please file a bug and talk to me on IRC!

I look forward to your feedback and continuing to make summit the best possible scheduler it can be, and to do so requires your help. Thank in advance.

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Chris Johnston

My buddy Dustin Kirkland pointed me to a neat little utility that he wrote with Scott Moser called ssh-import-id. Since he showed it to me a few months ago, I have used it many times and it has made my life quite a bit easier.

ssh-import-id fetches a the defined user(s) public keys from Launchpad, validates them, and then adds them to the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. That’s it, but if you need to add multiple people, or don’t know which key they are going to want used, this will save you time.

Dustin has tried to get it added to OpenSSH, but he hasn’t been able to succeed at this yet.

To use ssh-import-id, you first need to install it if it already isn’t:

sudo apt-get install ssh-import-id

Then to run it you would run:

ssh-import-id chrisjohnston

This would import my public keys. You are also able to import multiple users at the same time:

ssh-import-id chrisjohnston kirkland

If you are looking for the latest version of the code it is available in a ppa:


If you have problems or want to check out the code, check out the package on Launchpad.

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Chris Johnston

This week I will be attending Linaro Connect Q1.12 in Redwood City, California. Infact, I’m in an American Airlines plane at 34,000 feet heading there now. In-flight WiFi is awesome!

Over the past two months Michael Hall and myself have been doing a large amount of work on The Summit Scheduler to get it ready for Connect this week including modifying more than 2,400 lines of Summit code. You can find out more about that in my previous post.

I have a few things that I want to get out of Connect. The first is that I want to get feedback on the changes to Summit, as well as figure out what other things we may need to change. The second thing that I want to do is to learn more about the Beagleboard-xM that I have and how to use it for the many different things it can be used for. The third thing that I want to do is to learn about Linaro’s LAVA.

LAVA is an automated validation suite used to run all sorts of different tests on the products that Linaro produces. The things that I would like to get out of Connect in relation to LAVA are how to setup and run LAVA, how to set it up to run tests, and how to produce results and display those results the way that I want them.

If you are at Linaro Connect, and would be willing to talk with me about Summit and the way you use it and your thoughts on the changes, please contact me and we will set aside a time to meet.

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