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Ben Howard

Over the course of working with Microsoft on Windows Azure, we have had the goal of bringing the same experience on Azure as our users have on EC2. As part of our QA process, we publish daily images ( for EC2 and OpenStack users.

Today, I am pleased to announce that Windows Azure Cloud Image dailies are now being published for Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS, 12.10, 13.04 and the current development version 13.10. Due to the way that Windows Azure image publication works, these images will appear with in a three or four hours of the EC2 images and will be published to all Windows Azure regions.

However, the daily images will not be available in the Windows Azure Gallery; these images are published to API users. In the coming weeks, we'll throw up some pages to help our API users find the current images, but for now, you can use the API Query tools to find the images.

The initial daily images are:

  • Ubuntu_DAILY_BUILD-precise-12_04_2-LTS-amd64-server-20130502-en-us-30GB
  • Ubuntu_DAILY_BUILD-raring-13_04-amd64-server-20130501-en-us-30GB
  • Ubuntu_DAILY_BUILD-saucy-13_10-amd64-server-20130502-en-us-30GB  
As you can see, daily builds are clearly marked as "DAILY_BUILD" and include both the code name and the version number. Canonical provided images are all prefixed with our publisher GUUID of "b39f27a8b8c64d52b05eac6a62ebad85__"

While we make every effort at maintaining quality, daily images are not officially supported and may have issues as they are not rigorously QA'ed. As part of our release process, we take a daily, put it through QA and then promote the image.  If you see any problems with any of the daily builds, please head over to and file us a bug.

For those who need a primer on using the Azure CLI Tool, our friends over at Microsoft have a really good explanation here. After you get it all setup, you should see all versions of the released Ubuntu Cloud Images and the dailies.

Finally, our daily image publishing will be restricted to the last five images for any one series. Like on EC2, all versions of Ubuntu Server released Cloud Images will remain indefinitely, with the exception of the pre-Windows Azure GA images (i.e. images with a serial of less than 20130414).

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Ben Howard

Shortly after introducing the Vagrant images, a number of users provided very valuable feedback. The general gist was "sure this is a nice, but useless." For Cloud Images, we definitely take our user feedback to heart. 

The 12.10 and 13.04 images now include Chef, Puppet and Juju clients. Also, the 13.04 images work now that the annoying Virtualbox installation error has been fixed. Users report that Chef and Chef Solo provisioning work with out any problems.

For 12.04, providing Chef support is somewhat more difficult as there are no official Ubuntu provided versions of Chef. Policy restricts us from providing third-party software on any image hosted on However, 12.04 does include Puppet and Juju.

The inclusion of Juju was added at the request of Juju charmers. In a future blog post, I'll illustrate how to use Vagrant for Juju charm development. 

Finally, a common query that I get is about this particular error message:

[default] No guest additions were detected on the base box for this VM! Guest
additions are required for forwarded ports, shared folders, host only
networking, and more. If SSH fails on this machine, please install
the guest additions and repackage the box to continue.

This is not an error message; everything may continue to work properly,
in which case you may ignore this message.

I came up a nice long explanation as to the root cause (tl;dr: the Vagrant Cloud Images are _never_ booted and therefore the agent doesn't report to VirtualBox its information). And then the engineer in me started to think that this might be a trivial fix. Anyhow, in the next few days, this ugly error message will disappear for our daily builds (for Raring the message is gone as of today). 

In conclusion, I wanted to say thank you to all the people who have dropped me an email for feature requests, rants and feedback. As always please feel to drop me a line, and I'll take a look at making these better.  

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