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Trusty TahrAnother very exciting release of Ubuntu for desktops and phones (oh, and I guess servers and cloud too) is out the door!

This is a Long Term Support release, which means it’s supported for five years, and it’s the release I’ll be trying to install on friends’ and family’s computers at every opportunity.

As usual, you can take a tour or go straight to the download page.

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Smarter and Faster

This is a very exciting release for me, not least because it’s the first official release of Ubuntu for Phones, which was the big focus for my team at Canonical this cycle. We worked on making it easy to spin up your own custom build of Ubuntu and helped out with fixing bugs wherever we could.

If you’re comfortable flashing your phone you can install Ubuntu with these instructions.

Of course, Ubuntu still rocks your socks on your desktop or laptop, so take the tour or go grab it!

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Raring tp go

Raring to go.

Congratulations to the Ubuntu team on another great release! Of course I repeat myself.

I’ve been really impressed with the performance en-slickening in 13.04. It really snaps on my desktop, laptop… and Nexus 7 :)

As usual, you can take a tour online, or just go grab it!

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