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Recently I have been working a lot on making IBus autopilot tests more reliable. The design was simple: fetch the expected resulting characters from IBus and compare those with what actually got written in the Unity Dash/HUD text entry. Simple, right? Wrong. IBus doesn't really allow you to just ask him: hey, when I give you the string "abc", what output string will I get for the current engine? You can do it if you explicitly use the input_context, ok. Hell starts when you want to use Python and the gi.repository IBus bindings (not the old python-ibus ones). Why? Because someone made some essential methods Introspectable="0" for no reason. But let's see how we can actually do without those. This post is a quick report from my battle with gobject-introspection of IBus in Python - with all my other trials and approaches. A lot of those!

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Autopilot for Unity

Unity currently uses a very interesting tool for functional testing: Autopilot. It's a custom solution created with Unity in mind, but can also be used for any other system as well. We have recently decided to start getting rid of all manual testing in Unity and related components, meaning no more running away from automated testing. This is a quick look on how we can use Autopilot to perform automatic testing for our convenience with the Unity stack. All related to Ubuntu 12.10 and later of course.

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