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Nicholas Skaggs

Feature freeze coming? Let's test!

We're already approaching feature freeze at a quickening pace, and thus the next few weeks are rather important to us as a testing community. 13.10 is landing in October, which is now rapidly approaching (where did the summer go?!).

Let's run through some manual tests for ubuntu and flavors. I'd like to ask for a special focus to be given to Mir/xMir. We plan to have a rigorous test of the package again in about a week once all features have landed. In the interim, let's try and catch any additional bugs.

This week Saturday August 17th through Saturday August 24th. It's week 5 for our cadence tests.

Ok, I'm sold, what do I need to do?
Execute some testcases against the latest version of saucy; in particular the xMir test.

Got any instructions?
You bet, have a look at the Cadence Week testing walkthrough on the wiki, or watch it on youtube. If you get stuck, contact us.

Where are the tests?
You can find the Mir test in it's own milestone here. Remember to read and follow the installation instructions link at the top of the page!
The rest of the applications and packages can be found here.

I don't want to run/install the unstable version of ubuntu, can I still help?
YES! Boot up the livecd on your hardware and run the live session, or use a virtual machine to test (install ubuntu or use a live session). The video demonstrates using a virtual machine booting into a live session to run through the tests. For the Mir/xMir tests, however, we'd really like results from real hardware.

But, virtual machines are scary; I don't know how to set one up!
There's a tool called testdrive that makes setting up a vm with ubuntu development a point and click operation. You can then use it to test. Seriously, check out the video and the walkthrough for more details.

Thank you for your contributions! Good luck and Happy Testing Everyone! 

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Nicholas Skaggs

With the announcement of MIR being the default display server for 13.10, many folks rightly wonder if it will be stable and ready to ship by then. Well, as part of ensuring that will be the case, I'd like to announce that XMir will become part of the bi-weekly cadence testing we as a community team undertake. Week 2 begins this Saturday and will include XMir testing.

The testcases we'll be using at the moment are basic smoke tests to check the overall state of XMir. As the cycle wears on our goal is to perform a full regression test for XMir against the normal Xorg server to make sure everything is super smooth. The goal is for someone running ubuntu saucy to not even realize something has changed with the display server. So ready to help?

Check out this page to learn about how to install Mir. Those same instructions are linked from the testcase itself. Run through the tests listed and report your results. Make sure your logged in or you won't be able to report anything :-)

New to cadence testing or the tracker? Here's some links you might find useful:

Understanding how to use the QATracker
Understanding how to perform a cadence test

There's video versions too!

Cadence Testing
Thanks for helping test ubuntu! Your willingness to live on the edge and test ensure others of proper functioning software in the stable release.

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