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Hardik Dalwadi

Ubuntu is the first OS which supports Indian Rupee Symbol, Since release Of Ubuntu 10.10. Here is the one fact that nobody can type Indian Rupee Symbol without support of font. So font should have Indian Rupee Symbol in it. By default Ubuntu 10.10 is coming with that. So, it will make easy for your OS to display Rupee Symbol and copy paste of it, but typing of it is tricky, you can use Ctrl + Shift u20b9. But it would very hard for anybody to type frequently with above key combination. Also, it is very tricky add key combination with some hack. But now onwards it would be de-facto :).

According to government, all OS should support Indian Rupee Symbol. For Enduser, It should be easy to print it from Keyboard using AltGr + 4 Key combination.
It has assign u2b09 Unicode Number. Here is some insight.

As i told earlier, Ubuntu is supporting it since Ubuntu 10.10 release, but typing it using “AltGr + 4” was not supported. Infect there wasn’t any Keyboard Layout with Rupee Symbol Support. But, hold your breath, Ubuntu has released new package xkb-data, which contains new India Keyboard Layout with Rupee Symbol support. It’s already in proposed repository for testing. So If you are in Ubuntu 10.10, please enable proposed. it will allow you to install newly uploaded package xkb-data, which has new India Keyboard Layout with Rupee Symbol. Install it from repository. Restart the machine to be at safer side. After successful restart you will find new keyboard layout under India as Country and India With Rupee Sign as variant of Keyboard Layout.

So, here is instruction to achieve the same.

1. Go to -> System -> Preferences -> Keyboard
2. Above step will will launch new window “Keyboard Preferences”
3. Select second tab “Layouts” to modify the keyboard layouts.
4. At middle of the windows, you will find “Add” button to add new layout.
5. Above step will launch new window “Choose a Layout”
6. Default tab would be “By Country”, Choose “India” as Country and “India With RupeeSign” as variants, it would be last in the list
7. Please add above layout and make it default in “Keyboard Preferences”, also make it top with “Move Up” button.
8. Close everything.

Here is pictorial view for better reference.

Keyboard Preferences in Ubuntu 10.10

Keyboard Preferences in Ubuntu 10.10


Add new Keyboard Layout "India With RupeeSign" in Keyboard Preferences in Ubuntu 10.10

Add new Keyboard Layout "India With RupeeSign" in Keyboard Preferences in Ubuntu 10.10

Now, you can enjoy the Rupee symbol with “Right Alt + 4” Key combination. “Right Alt” is called as “AltGr” Key. But please make sure that you are on “India With RupeeSign” Keyboard Layout as your default Keyboard Layout. Here is from my side  using “AltGr (Right Alt) + 4” Combination = “ ?

You can achieve the same in Ubuntu 10.04, but you have to also install Ubuntu Font Family from here and install latest “India With RupeeSign” Keyboard layout using xkb-data package from proposed repository. It would be default in Natty. We have done ad-hoc testing of Rupee Symbol in Open Office, Gedit, and Gnome-Terminal, Empathy, Firefox.

I am sure, you will feel now “Proud To Be Ubuntu User”. That’s all for now.

Tip Of The Day:
You can give uniqueness to your password by adding  “
?” symbol.

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Hardik Dalwadi

First i would like to thanks all UDD attendees & Canonical, Ubuntu Community for making UDD successful event. we had around 350 attendees @ Hotel Leela, Grand Ball Room.

So, let me  share some behind the scene pictures.


This is how we started @ 1:30 PM, 26th Jnauary, 2011


Time to make seprate Ubuntu Cotton bags with T-shirts.

Final Goodies: Notepad, Pens, sticker, Products Sheets, Mavercik T-Shirts and Ubuntu Cotton Bags


Finally three containers with all goodies, according to their t-shirts size @ 2:30 PM, 26th January, 2011

Registration Counter @ 7:00 PM, 26th January, 2011

Agenda @ 9:10 PM, 26th January, 2011

UDD Presentation Hall @ 11:00 PM, 26th January, 2011

UDD Demonstration Room @ 3:00 AM 27 January, 2011

It was very interesting and busy day for all, packing bags to preparing demo room, shaping final presentations. We were very excited to see all Ubuntuers on UDD. And, OMG!!! that dream came true. Here is a picture taken 15 minutes before the UDD started. And, I believe Picture Speaks Louder Then The Words, OMG!!! It is!


Fronte-Right-Corner: A picture taken 15 minutes before the UDD started.


REAR-Right-Corner: A picture taken 15 minutes before the UDD started.


Though,  i was busy @ UDD Demonstration Counter, organized by Canonical and OEMs and LOEMs, showing their devices with Ubuntu, so i would not write much about UDD Presentation, later in this blog i will cover UDD Presentation source and community blog, covering whole UDD Presentation  part.  Again coming back to demo part, We demoed Wipro Machines (Netbook, Notebook, Tablet, Desktops), Lenovo All-In-One M90Z with Ubuntu 10.10, Dell Zino and Dell Latitude Netbook with Ubuntu Light. Most of the attendees were interested in getting list of Machine pre-installed with Ubuntu and available in Indian market. And that was one of the common need of all. And we surprised by seeing huge demand for that. In past, i have covered in my blog with picture of some LOEM brand with Ubuntu showcasing in CROMA. I got huge demand from attendees to generate and promote list of LOEMs and OEMs shipping machines with Pre-installed Ubuntu in Indian Consumer / Retail Market. We are already doing this for enterprise and corporates. I am sure i will cover that list in future blog. We had given 1 hour for UDD Demonstration Counter,  combined with UDD Break in UDD Agenda.  But personally,  i was much more  busy during the day  for demonstration đŸ˜‰ Here are few pictures from Demonstration Counter.

UDD Demonstartion Room @ 1:00 PM, 27th January, 2011

UDD Demonstration Counter @ 3:00 PM, 27th January, 2011

Overall it was amazing event. During the day, i had great meeting with Nigel Babu and Sreekanth. Nigel also covered detailed report of UDD. Sreekanth had given nice demo on preparing and running customized Ubuntu AMI on Amazon EC2 Cloud Services. We had given separate counter for community. Thanks a lot Sreekanth.

Finally, Closing keynote  by Prakash thanking  all UDD attendees and Canonical Employee for making UDD successful. Here is a snip from Nigel’s Blog Post.

Closing keynote by Prakash and Thanks to all UDD attendees and Canonical Employee for making UDD successful.

Though, We have finished the UDD, but still we are hearing from attendees. Personally, i got lot of e-Mails from attendees.  There was common request to do it again. And, of-course i will update you more in future. Here few words from one of e-Mail, i received. Personal thanks to Mr. Girish

Dear Hardik,
It was a great experience at Leela palace in Bangalore on Ubuntu Developer Day.
I had very good opportunity to meet many people to from open source.
Please keep on organising such events in India.

My Canonical colleagues also got the similar kind of e-Mails after UDD. It was great satisfaction for us. Here is few links around the web covering UDD, bit commercially, but that is not offensive :).

To going at more commercial part, there was very nice coverage by Beyond Beat, Evening new paper.

I like the title most, i will close this blog with that one | UBUNTU STORY: STAFF OF TWO, LAKHS OF USERS | Big thanks to strong Ubuntu Community and Canonical. Now? Let’s make it billion….

UDD Coverage by Beyond Beat, Evening New Paper of Bangalore

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Hardik Dalwadi

I have seen lot of buzz around that, registration has been closed for Ubuntu Developer Day, Bangalore, Jan 27, 2011! Yes it’s very true. We are very sorry to say that we have closed registration for Ubuntu Developer Day, Bangalore, Jan 27, 2011, due to being hugely oversubscribed. We did this two days ago, when we were 10 days away from event. It gives me two kind of feeling (:) – :(). But, i believe it has created huge hope and fundamentals for Ubuntu and proved it’s position before the event. This is just beginning….

I am personally sorry for those, who have missed the registration. See you all, who have registered and planned to attend UDD :).

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Hardik Dalwadi

We are happy to announce Ubuntu Developer Day in Bangalore.

What is Ubuntu Developer Day?

Ubuntu Developer Day is the biggest software day in Bangalore this year.
With keynote speeches from various members of the Canonical team, and a
more focused technical delivery, register now to avoid disappointment.

Who should attend?

Engineers and Product Managers at OEMs and ODMs with responsibility or
interest in deploying Ubuntu on new devices and computers.


Leela Palace Kempinski Hotel
23 Airport Road Bangalore 560008
Tel: 080 25211234

What is the cost?

The event is sponsored by Canonical and is free of charge. Lunch and
refreshments will be provided by Canonical.

How do I register?

Register before January 20th at

Registration closed for Ubuntu Developer Day, Bangalore, Jan 27, 2011.

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