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The guidebook mobile schedule for UDS-P is now ready, install it here:

And just search for UDS in the application. Then you’ll have the UDS schedule, events, sponsorship information, and maps in your pocket:

The schedule updates every 10 minutes, and there’s a convenient QR code on each schedule page so at UDS itself you’ll be able to just take a shot of one of the scheduling monitors, or from the QR codes we’ll have plastered around the venue.

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Sean Sosik-Hamor, our group photographer and IS sysadmin, has published the official UDS-O group photos on his blog, along with the details on the setup and equipment. Enjoy!

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Along with the last set, here are more videos from UDS that might be interesting to upstream projects:

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The last set of videos from UDS have been posted! This includes my favorite part of UDS, the Lightning Talks. Remember we kick people off after five minutes so they’re kind of high stress. Apparently my crutch word is “ummm”. Aurelien did a Qt Creator demo, but also make sure you see Ryan Paul’s Qt demo, I talk about with Robert Cartaino, Colin Watson does one on libpipeline. KDE daily builds, and what I call “The Rescue” by Dustin and the rest of the server team.

Along with the lightning talks we have: 

Unity Architecture -

Firefox 4 for Natty -

Improving the Sponsorship Queue -

Unity 2D fallback -

and a bunch more!

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UDS Proceedings

Here’s a bunch of summaries from the UDS Proceedings. Sorry they’re not more organized.

UPDATE: As many of you have pointed out, these are raw and in some cases don’t even make sense since they’re pasted in from people furiously typing into gobby documents. They’ll be polished as the week progresses.

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Just a reminder that the sponsorship application deadline is 8th September if you haven’t already applied! For more information please see this page:

(There is a bug in the summit system that is telling people that the deadline is March 26, this is incorrect!)

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