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Went to see Rush this weekend….. I had pretty good seats (and I should hope so the way ticket prices are these days):

As a bonus I was on Geddy’s side, so I got to see all his basses lined up. See if you can find the distinctive Orange amps. All of his basses were Fender J’s. 

As you can expect, the performance was pretty immaculate. Alex’s guitar cut out during one song for a few seconds but other than that they sound great. They ended up playing 3 instrumental songs; Leave That Thing Alone, YYZ, and they encored with La Villa Strangiato. 

The 2 new songs sound great, though they could have probably left Presto off the set list and no one would have noticed. Also, the B-side of Moving Pictures is way better than I remember. The I Love You, Man video at the end was pretty funny too.

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So finally, after 20 years I have finally scored Rush tickets. Growing up I could never afford it, and even now with ticket prices how they are it’s not necessarily cheap for 2 people. On top of that, with as amazing as live concert DVD/BR production is these days why pay that much for $8 beers and sticky floors?

Well, first off, this changed my mind. Everyone who loves rock music should own this, whether you’re a fan or not: 

Same dude who did Maiden’s Flight 666 and Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey.

In one scene they’re talking about the fans; basically a bunch of nerdy people my age who know every note, every riff, and we have the air guitar/bass/drum chops to prove it. So basically, me. So this time I’m willing to pay to be around people who have no shame air rocking and knowing every riff and drum fill.

This tour looks great, here’s the setlist. La Villa Strangiato as an encore will be amazing. So tonight I am cranking up some Show of Hands, which is my favorite Rush era. Yes, the one where the world’s best hard rock trio is smothered in keyboards. \m/

What’s your favorite Rush song/album/era? Leave a comment.

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