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Just buy this....

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s my idea of AC/DC was basically everything after “Back in Black”, which made them a household name.

I finally snagged the new Blu Ray of Let There be Rock, which is great for people like me because it’s a good time capsule to what that era was like. My only image of Bon Scott was just the replays on the radio.

However, on Blu Ray you can really watch his performance as a front man to a rock band, and it’s amazing. 

They really did a good job on the quality, other than the aspect ratio, which unfortunately isn’t widescreen.

You won’t care though, just put the DTS track on and let Bon Scott fill you in on old school AC/DC in their 1979 glory. He died 2 months later. :(

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Went to see Rush this weekend….. I had pretty good seats (and I should hope so the way ticket prices are these days):

As a bonus I was on Geddy’s side, so I got to see all his basses lined up. See if you can find the distinctive Orange amps. All of his basses were Fender J’s. 

As you can expect, the performance was pretty immaculate. Alex’s guitar cut out during one song for a few seconds but other than that they sound great. They ended up playing 3 instrumental songs; Leave That Thing Alone, YYZ, and they encored with La Villa Strangiato. 

The 2 new songs sound great, though they could have probably left Presto off the set list and no one would have noticed. Also, the B-side of Moving Pictures is way better than I remember. The I Love You, Man video at the end was pretty funny too.

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This afternoon I met Dave Mustaine at the signing for his new autobiography, Mustaine. I was surprised (and elated) to see so many people there for a genre that continually has been written off, even though it’s the greatest form of music we as a species can ever hope to achieve.

This, my friends, is the face of pure joy. (Mine, not his, blame the camera guy). More pics here.

More pics here

Tonight I will go to watch Megadeth perform as they swing by Detroit. It will be epic.

Pic by Isengard

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