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We’ve been working with the Launchpad team to give upstream projects the ability to spin up daily builds.

It’s pretty straightforward to make a recipe, the one I use for shotwell is: 

# bzr-builder format 0.2 deb-version 1.0+{time}
nest shotwellpackaging lp:~ubuntu-desktop/shotwell/ubuntu debian

I was on holiday for a bit, so I clicked on this expecting it not to work, since it didn’t when I left. Then launchpad went ahead and did it.

NICE! What I’ve done here is basically grabbed upstream Shotwell trunk, the packaging from our desktop team, send to Launchpad, and it spit out dailies. Now we’re cooking with Crisco; we’ll be able to easily make daily builds of everything we ship on the desktop right off the bat, and anything we can import. That’s a pretty nice service for application authors, thanks Launchpad!

Check out the documentation, and please remember that it’s still a work in progress, but we’ve got top people working on it. ;)

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