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Thanks to PiTiVi I was able to take the webm files from GUADEC and put together a video of Gabriel’s Banshee talk.

Those of you wondering how to make Banshee extensions (Stuart!) will want to pay attention around the 5 minute mark, where he goes into an example on how easy it is to make an extension. 

So, go forth and make great extensions!

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Smart Playlists ftw.

As I mentioned in my last screencast; I prefer to have Banshee doing all my hard work for me. A great way to do this is via smart playlists. The problem is that they are very powerful and if you’re not overly clever off the top of your head you might feel stuck.

Luckily there are some handy smart playlists already included! In Banshee do Media -> New Smart Playlist

Go ahead and explore these, and come up with your own!

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It’s no secret that I am a Banshee fanatic. For all my talk about web apps, there’s just no replacing Banshee for me.

It’s a beautiful thing. We’ve got a sh*t hot Ubuntu/Debian Mono team, a responsive upstream who cares about users, people like Bertrand Lorentz taking care of things like Sound Menu/MPRIS2 support, and we’ve got people like David Nielsen being the bridge between upstream and the distro (Like these two.)

Didier posted a status update of the state of Banshee for UNE. I personally take responsibility for thanking Alex Launi and Nathan McCallum in my own special way, so that leaves Alan…

If you want to thank Alan, get him something from his Amazon wishlist. And as always, thanks to Novell for sponsoring the Banshee project.

PS: Nathan, come find me so I can buy you alcohol even though I know you don’t drink it. I tried to find you at OLF and you were missing.

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