Shutting down Ubuntu One file services

Today we are announcing plans to shut down the Ubuntu One file services.  This is a tough decision, particularly when our users rely so heavily on the functionality that Ubuntu One provides.  However, like any company, we want to focus our efforts on our most important strategic initiatives and ensure we are not spread too thin.

Our strategic priority for Ubuntu is making the best converged operating system for phones, tablets, desktops and more. In fact, our user experience, developer tools for apps and scopes, and commercial relationships have been constructed specifically to highlight third party content and services (as opposed to our own); this is one of our many differentiators from our competitors.  Additionally, the free storage wars aren’t a sustainable place for us to be, particularly with other services now regularly offering 25GB-50GB free storage.  If we offer a service, we want it to compete on a global scale, and for Ubuntu One to continue to do that would require more investment than we are willing to make. We choose instead to invest in making the absolute best, open platform  and to highlight the best of our partners’ services and content.

As of today, it will no longer be possible to purchase storage or music from the Ubuntu One store. The Ubuntu One file services will not be included in the upcoming Ubuntu 14.04 LTS release, and the Ubuntu One apps in older versions of Ubuntu and in the Ubuntu, Google, and Apple stores will be updated appropriately. The current services will be unavailable from 1 June 2014; user content will remain available for download until 31 July, at which time it will be deleted.

We will work to ensure that customers have an easy path to download all their content from Ubuntu One to migrate to other personal cloud services.  Additionally, we continue to believe in the Ubuntu One file services, the quality of the code, and the user experience, so will release the code as open source software to give others an opportunity to build on this code to create an open source file syncing platform.

Customers who have an active annual subscription will have their unused fees refunded. We will calculate the refund amount from today’s announcement, even though the service will remain available until 1 June and data available for a further two months.

We will contact customers separately with additional information about what to expect.  We will also publish further blog posts with advice on how to download content and with details on the open sourcing of the code.

The shutdown will not affect the Ubuntu One single sign on service, the Ubuntu One payment service, or the backend U1DB database service.

We’ve always been inspired by the support, feedback and enthusiasm of our users and want to thank you for the support you’ve shown for Ubuntu One. We hope that you’ll continue to support us as together we bring a revolutionary experience to new devices.



17 Responses to “Shutting down Ubuntu One file services”

  1. Paidup&FedupUser Says:

    Well, absolutely wonderful, not. As a paying user of this service (and not a cheap one at that, tis true), on Linux, Mac and Windows, I am extremely disappointed by this decision – it does not bode well for my continued interest in using Ubuntu or anything Canonical might propose.

  2. Tedd Says:

    Why¡¡¡¡ Why (insert your God here)…I love Ubuntu One, there’s nothing out there like this…please, if out there are a hacker with the possibility to make something equal with the source code…do it¡¡¡ The other services have more space, but the connection, the desktop client, security, integration…noup…Ubuntu One was perfect, i used since the beginning, try to make a post to install something that do the SAME stuff…its impossible.

  3. Sam Weesie Says:

    Please reconsider. Ubuntu One is the ONLY reliable cloud storage outside the US.
    It’s the only reliable Android client for me.

    Such a waste if you shut it down. In my opinion no need to compete with 25 GB of free storage.

  4. Andrew Says:

    Sad to see it go, but hopefully this will make a good impact on getting Ubuntus phone so happening. I really want the Ubuntu edge to happen. Maybe put money from this to it? And continue the crowd founding thing? Please??. ..?

  5. walley Says:

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

  6. M. Ahmad Zafar Says:

    This is really disappointing. I was so much used to installing Ubuntu and configuring U1 to download all my files in the different folders of home. Not for cost but for name, Canonical MUST have continued.

  7. tholap Says:

    Sad day 🙁

    This is a serious loss IMHO.

    I understand if this was a major money drain.
    But if this was even slightly profitable or only a small loss it’s a major mistake IMHO.

    Dropbox, Box etc… are *not* better alternatives. While I wouldn’t trust Canonical 100% with critical data, I trust the rest not at all.
    And having Ubuntu One file services as a first rate citizen and integrated is a major distinction between Ubuntu and other Linux distros.

    But thanks for open sourcing the backend.

  8. jojo Says:

    Sad news, however I always used it as free service : why not adding a small subscription fee so you can keep it up ?

    I don’t care other services offering 25GB or 50GB, I prefer to stick with ubuntu than to go with Google or some other evil companies…

  9. User Says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… I compared the Ubuntu software with all alternatives of your biggest competitors and must say it was the most reliable and best choice by far. i’m sorry about the latest developments and wish Ubuntu and canonical all the best for coming challenges!

  10. Ferdinando Febbraio Says:

    I’m really sorry for the closing of ubuntu one. At first I did not believe that the communication I received was true. This is a real loss for people like me who believes strongly in open source.
    For me it is important to let you know that even if the service U1 provides only 5 GB, I would not have shared my data on other file services.
    Thank you for this important software, I hope that before June 1, you can return on your steps to revive U1.

  11. David Says:

    🙁 that is a bummer. I really enjoyed the service.

  12. Dominic Comtois Says:

    This is really sad news. Ubuntu One was THE perfect backup solution, so convenient and efficient. It will be missed!!

  13. Zhao Xiaoqi Says:

    Got one alert in my mailbox on this message, yes, as one Ubuntu user for couple of years, I’m gradually familiar with Ubuntu One, and don’t understand the logic of the decision to shutdown it.
    But ready the announcement here, I got the idea and appreciate to see we’re cutting the non-core-competence in order to focus on the key things.
    Well, best wish to the better Ubuntu release, and also thanks for Ubuntu One in the past till now helping me on different ways.

  14. JC Cheloven Says:

    U1 was nice, but the arguments for the shutdown are clear.

    Best of luck at “making the best converged operating system”. You’re in the right way!
    I’m myself waiting to replace my cell phone until some Ubuntu-Touch phones reach the market!


  15. Bart Kuijper Says:

    “So long, and thanks for all the fish!”

  16. Divakar Says:

    I am surprised apart from being disappointed. For your professed aim of providing “the best converged operating system for phones, tablets, desktops and more”, I would have thought a file storage service is an essential cog that keeps the system running smooth. I liked Ubuntu One for its integration with my favourite desktop and server OS across several machines, – that it is just 2 or 5 GB never limited my use for it. Though a free user I have been promoting this among friends and relatives and can boast of a few converts. Anyway, my thanks for all the years that you have provided the free service – I will continue to use Ubuntu products and hope to do great things with it.

  17. Pankaj Says:

    ubuntu one is great and it’s file service is evin greater ubuntu team provide such a great service to users without charging anything . and i’m always be big fan of ubuntu

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