End-of-life for 10.04 client support

Yesterday marked the end-of-life for desktop support on the 10.04 release of Ubuntu. Consequently, as of next Monday 13 of May the Ubuntu One service will discontinue support for 10.04 clients. This does not affect the data stored in Ubuntu One in any way, and users who are unwilling or unable to upgrade to a supported version of Ubuntu can continue to access their data through the website.
In the three years since we released 10.04 both the Ubuntu operating system and the Ubuntu One service have improved in innumerable ways, and you should really give it a try if you can!

One Response to “End-of-life for 10.04 client support”

  1. dragonbite Says:

    Why is it the client for 10.04 will no longer work? Is it fear of an unsupported version being vulnerable without security fixes and using Ubuntu One could allow it to propogate malware?

    Usually systems reaching their EOL are “use at your own risk” from then on out but I have never heard of a program actually to stop working just because it has reached is EOL.

    Now if there is an update to Ubuntu One that requires a component not already in 10.04 and no plans of backporting it, that I can understand its breakage. This, the way its written, looks more like the client is told to stop working only because 10.04 has reached its EOL and that doesn’t seem fair.

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