Happier Holidays with the Ubuntu One photos update

We’re thrilled that our latest Ubuntu One feature update comes just in time for the holidays, helping you enjoy and share all those precious memories on all your devices and between your family and friends.

The first thing you’ll notice when you log in is that your photos now appear in the dedicated photos tab, located in the U1 dashboard. This gives you a proper album view where all the photos you’ve ever saved to Ubuntu One will automatically appear as album thumbnails.

Ubuntu One photo album

This is great for reminding you of old favourites or even surfacing photos you thought were long lost. Some real gems from past Canonical parties have been re-discovered during our internal testing!

Use the U1 files app along with U1 photos and all your photos from your mobile device, even those from other apps like Instagram, are safe in one place and available to view and share easily with family and friends.

Ubuntu One slideshow

You can organise albums chronologically or alphabetically and images in albums can be clicked through individually or played as a slideshow. It’s super easy to download images and share albums, slideshows or single snaps with your friends and family. When you share an album, anyone with the URL will be able to view your album or slideshow. For quick sharing, you can choose to share a link or push to Facebook and Twitter simply by clicking on the icon. Try it now!

To celebrate this update we are asking users to tweet snaps of their holiday decorations using the Ubuntu One share URL and by including the hashtag #UbuntuOne, we’ll then pick our 20 favourites photos and the winners will get 5GB extra free storage in the new year. Should #UbuntuOne trend during that time we’ll increase the winners storage amount to 20GB!

4 Responses to “Happier Holidays with the Ubuntu One photos update”

  1. dragonbite Says:

    FINALLY! Woo Hoo!
    This was one of the glaring issues, especially if you looked at sharing albums with other people.

    I’m not sure if I will want all of my photo albums showing up at once, as after a few years that could end up being hundreds of albums (one for each day)! And sometimes I group albums of individual days into one subject or another (such as each of the Boy Scouting events in their own (dated) album under a larger “Boy Scout” grouping).

    But progress is good! Keep up the good work!

  2. dragonbite Says:

    SUGGESTON: From looking at an album, either allow uploading into that album, or a link to the directory location of the album so you can use the existing upload feature.

  3. Joshua Hoover Says:

    Thank you for the kind words and the suggestion on adding functionality around categorizing/grouping albums.

  4. Joshua Hoover Says:

    Seems sensible. We haven’t decided on enhancements yet but we’ll definitely keep this one in mind as we move forward.

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