Ubuntu One Music Store – now on the web and on your mobile

We’re pleased to tell you that today weโ€™ve launched the new Ubuntu One Music Store.
This means you can now purchase all your favourite music from the Ubuntu One Music Store via the web or on your mobile. Watch as the tracks you buy are magically delivered straight to your Ubuntu One personal cloud in an instant. No clumsy downloading is needed, as soon as you complete the transactions your music will appear in your Ubuntu One music cloud folder ready for you to stream or automatically sync with your computer.

The Ubuntu One Music Store can be easily accessed via the music tab in the Ubuntu One web dash. From the music store home view you can browse new releases, top tracks and top albums, then add to your basket, checkout and youโ€™re all set. Our new store offers all the same functionality as the Ubuntu One music store in Rhythmbox, only has a new slicker navigation that makes discovering and buying the music you love even easier.

To celebrate our new store we are running a special promotion. Everyone who makes any purchase from now until the end of October will automatically receive Ubuntu One Music Streaming free for 6 months. Music Streaming is normally $3.99 per month and includes 20GB of storage for all your files, photos and music. Plus you can stream music to your Android and iPhone and via the web, wherever you are free, for 6 months.

19 Responses to “Ubuntu One Music Store – now on the web and on your mobile”

  1. nepenthes Says:

    Still no news about the European U1MS (I mean more majors) ?

  2. Anon Says:

    Does this mean that you will not be using 7digital (or whatever it was) as the backend anymore? Also, does the free Music Streaming include additional 20GB?

  3. Martin Albisetti Says:

    We are currently still using 7digital as a backend, although the backend should not matter ๐Ÿ™‚
    And yes, you also get an extra 20GB.

  4. Michael N. Says:

    The U1 integration and dash accessibility is cool and all, but come on, it needs another store for the backend; 7Digital doesn’t offer lossless music, and its interface is a pain to use.

  5. Martin Albisetti Says:

    The interface will all be moved away from 7digital (most of it has been done so in the release).

  6. Anonim Says:

    I already have a paid yearly streaming account (with the 20GB of course). How this promotion will work for me?

  7. Lee Says:

    Does this mean the Ubuntu One Music app for Android will be updated soon? I really wish it was more in line with the Android Holo theme…

  8. Anon Says:

    I’m sorry to say I’m still not gonna use it. Nothing against you, but after checking some random bands, I found a lot of tribute bands (wanted to expand my Rolling Stones collection) but not the actual artists.

    Until I can get them here (central-eastern Europe), I just see no point in using it.

  9. Chase Livingston Says:

    Hi, please take a look at this FAQ for more information: https://one.ubuntu.com/help/faq/i-already-have-a-music-streaming-subscription-do-i-get-six-free-months-too/

  10. Lee Says:

    Do we get to keep the extra 20GB after the promotion is up?

  11. Martin Albisetti Says:

    No, the promotion expires after 6 months.

  12. dragonbite Says:

    This is nice and all. I like being able to browse from anywhere (browser) and purchase without having to worry about downloading it and getting into my Ubuntu system. I could find myself spending my lunch break looking to see which/how many artists are in there.

    Now is Ubuntu One going to focus on more than just music? For example many other file sync services have an image view for pictures uploaded or the ability to move files around the place.

    But this is a nice improvement and a nice promotion. Glad to see things are improving! Keep up the good work!

  13. Rob Says:

    This looks great and a big improvement. It’s just a shame that 7digital are more expensive than Amazon or I’d have no reason not to use it (esp on new releases).
    Just like to see the same sort of set up for books & magazines. Would be a real blessing if I could pay & read a magazine from any U1 device.

  14. Valeryan_24 Says:

    Hi, it’s a very good news that Ubuntu One Music Store gets an update and new possibilities.

    – I understand why free 6 months are only for new clients, perhaps for your existing music streaming paid customers you could offer a unique but definitive extra-space of 0.5 or 1 Go, like in the referral program, in case of music purchase during the promotion.

    – Like said before by other users, I live in France and U1MS is very poor : we have no access to the 2 main majors, Universal and Sony Music, so most of the artists (especially French ones) can not be purchased through Ubuntu ! I know negociations are very difficult, including Canonical, the majors, 7 Digital, some rights management structures like Sacem etc… but it’s a pity that such geographical restrictions still exist in 2012.

    – Even with Warner and EMI Music, which are normally fully available in all EU countries, there are strange problems : some albums of their artists are available, others are not in France, but appear in the UK store, it’s very frustrating. I’ve opened a ticket at support [Ubuntu One #22023] and a bug in Launchpad https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rhythmbox-ubuntuone/+bug/1046753

    – In the new site, there are some differences between albums displayed for an artist in the Rhythmbox integrated store and Ubuntu One website (ex. for Tryo group, Ladilafe last album is missing in the new online store)

    Please see this PDF document with all the details :

    I hope you will be able to improve that, and I’ll be happy to buy music here to support Ubuntu.

    Thanks in advance. Best regards. Xavier

  15. Nicola Says:

    I still have the error message “Service Temporarily Unavailable” when I click on the Music tab. It’s because the new “Ubuntu One Music Store” is not completely deployed, or there is a problem?

  16. Warlon Says:

    Give me a subscribtion based high quality streaming music service (like spotify) with a native client in ubuntu and I’ll be throwing my money at you.

  17. Gustav Says:

    That sounds great! I’ll go for it right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

    * When will it be possible to prelisten full albums? So far I have to click on each song individually. ๐Ÿ™

    * When will the “special offer” sections from 7digital be reflected in U1MS so can browser for all the nice offer at $/โ‚ฌ 5?

    * What is the advantage of having purchased music taking space from my U1 storage over buying the MP3s directly at 7digital or Amazon? They keep a separate copy of all purchased music in my account. The idea is the following: if I deleted music accidentially from U1, then it would be gone. ASAIK even changes to the purchased files (e.g. tags) are synced back to U1. The music in my locker at 7digital is protected againgst accidential deletions. Why not keeping the purchased music in separate compartment in U1 which is protected from changes and does not substract storage space?

  18. Juan Says:

    Yeah, unfortunately being based in South Africa, we got no access to any decent content from the store. Such a shame that license issues keep the rest of the world out of the content-loop.

  19. Jan Rasmussen Says:

    Would it help to limit the EU store to the European Union contries? Would that get us (inside the EU) more labels?

    @Warlon: What I like about U1MS is that we get DRM-free files we can use off-line. That is not possible with Spotify.


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