Invite your friends and get more free storage

We’re excited to tell you we’ve just launched the Ubuntu One referrals program. Ubuntu One referrals are a way for you to earn even more free cloud storage by spreading the word and inviting your family and friends to join Ubuntu One.

Starting today, you’ll see a referrals invite link in your Ubuntu One web dash. It’s super easy, just send the referrals link to all your friends and family via email or Twitter and Facebook.

For each person you invite who signs up for an Ubuntu One account, we’ll give you 500MB of extra free cloud storage. Each of the people you told about Ubuntu One will also get 500MB of extra free cloud storage on top of the initial free 5GB they get by signing up to Ubuntu One. They can then invite more people and earn even more free storage.


Ubuntu One dashboard


Every Ubuntu One user can invite a maximum of 40 people, which will earn you an extra 20GB of cloud storage absolutely free! There’s no catch. The free storage you earn from referring your family and friends lasts for as long as you continue to use Ubuntu One. You can find more information about referrals on our FAQ.

4 Responses to “Invite your friends and get more free storage”

  1. Yann Dìnendal Says:

    The referal link displays a bad title when shared in Google+ or Facebook:
    the link for example displays as:

    OpenID transaction in progress

  2. tudza Says:

    I might, except that the Windows client totally failed to work properly after the upgrade.

  3. ButterflyOfFire Says:

    Thank you 🙂

  4. Michał Says:

    Hey tudza, please contact Support via

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