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Ubuntu One added to Thunderbird Filelink

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

When you’re emailing files, photos and documents to friends, family and colleagues, attaching those files can often be inconvenient for you and for the people you’re sending them to. A common problem when sending and receiving email is that many email servers don’t accept messages with large file attachments. You may be able to send a message with a large attachment but the receiving mail server might refuse to accept it.

To solve these issues in June Mozilla Thunderbird added the Filelink feature. Today Thunderbird and the Ubuntu One team are pleased to tell you that we’ve added support for Ubuntu One in Filelink.This means that when you attach a large file to an email, that attachment is replaced with a link to the file in your Ubuntu One personal cloud.

That way, your friends and colleagues can access your content directly from Ubuntu One. Making it quicker and easier to forward on your files and documents to other people, and send files of any size even if the recipient’s email provider can’t handle large attachments.

The Ubuntu One Filelink feature is available in Thuderbird’s latest release out today and shortly available on Ubuntu through Ubuntu Software Center.

Four new titles added to the Humble Android Bundle 3

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Last week we let you know via the Canonical blog that the third Humble Bundle for Android was released and available on Ubuntu. Today four additional titles are now part of the Humble Bundle for Android #3: World of Goo, Osmos, EDGE and Anomaly. Once again, the Humble Bundle is super-easy to download through the Ubuntu Software Center. The bundle deal is only available for two weeks on a name-your-price basis. If you already purchased the bundle last week and you paid more than the average pay-what-you-like price, then you’ll get all four new games added to your bundle.

What’s cool about buying from Humble Bundle is that you get to decide how much you pay and how your payment is divided between the developers, the Child’s Play Charity, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

So far over over $500,000 has been raised so there’s still time to add your contribution.

Invite your friends and get more free storage

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

We’re excited to tell you we’ve just launched the Ubuntu One referrals program. Ubuntu One referrals are a way for you to earn even more free cloud storage by spreading the word and inviting your family and friends to join Ubuntu One.

Starting today, you’ll see a referrals invite link in your Ubuntu One web dash. It’s super easy, just send the referrals link to all your friends and family via email or Twitter and Facebook.

For each person you invite who signs up for an Ubuntu One account, we’ll give you 500MB of extra free cloud storage. Each of the people you told about Ubuntu One will also get 500MB of extra free cloud storage on top of the initial free 5GB they get by signing up to Ubuntu One. They can then invite more people and earn even more free storage.


Ubuntu One dashboard


Every Ubuntu One user can invite a maximum of 40 people, which will earn you an extra 20GB of cloud storage absolutely free! There’s no catch. The free storage you earn from referring your family and friends lasts for as long as you continue to use Ubuntu One. You can find more information about referrals on our FAQ.