Ubuntu One Files Java library

We wanted to let you know that Ubuntu One is now releasing a Java library to access files stored in your personal cloud at Ubuntu One, to make them available for use in your own applications. You can bundle it with the Ubuntu SSO Java library and harness Ubuntu One cloud storage in your apps.

The Ubuntu One Files Java library allows you to talk to the Ubuntu One REST API from Java.
It has no Android dependencies, therefore it is suitable for use in Java SE 1.6 runtime applications as well as Android apps! Actually, it’s exactly the library used by our Ubuntu One Files app for Android.

The library has been built based on the documentation available at:
and is documented itself at:

Ubuntu One Files Java library project page:
Ubuntu SSO Java library project page:

To show you how neat this is we thought we’d give you a few examples of how to use the library, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

Sample CLI Ubuntu One app shows how to sign in and manipulate files in Ubuntu One:

$ bzr branch lp:~karni/ubuntuone-files-java-library/cli-ubuntuone

Go ahead and check out the code. Check out the README.md for more details.

Yet another CLI example shows how to sign up from scratch as well as sign in to Ubuntu One:
$ bzr branch lp:~karni/ubuntu-sso-java-library/sso-cli-example

Another example, although slightly more complex, is our Ubuntu One Files app for Android at https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone-android-files

$ bzr branch lp:ubuntuone-android-files

This example uses the library inside two services – MetaService for light operations like publishing and renaming files, and UpDownService for long lasting file transfers.

So, what can you use the library for?
– Implement backup to Ubuntu One in your Java and Android applications
– Use Ubuntu One as storage for your application data
– Generate public links to files stored in Ubuntu One, so you can send/share a link instead of a (possibly large) file
– You tell us! Join #ubuntuone on Freenode and tell us where you use our library!

For more info, refer to
– Documentation at https://one.ubuntu.com/developer/files/store_files/android
– READMEs available within project sources
– and lastly: ant -projecthelp

If you have any questions or feedback, join our IRC channel (#ubuntuone on Freenode; you can get to this channel from the web at http://webchat.freenode.net?channels=ubuntuone) and we will be happy to help.

Alternatively, feel free to ping (karni or aquarius) directly on IRC or you can also contact us   directly by email.

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