A sneak peek of Send to Ubuntu One

Send to Ubuntu One buttonWe wanted to let you know that we are working on a new feature called Send to Ubuntu One. Send to Ubuntu One is a button you can insert on your website and once done, users simply click on it and it instantly delivers the content from your website to their Ubuntu One accounts . Your customers/users won’t have to waste time downloading files to their desktop or mobile, instead when they press ‘Send to Ubuntu One’ it will move the content they want directly to their Ubuntu One account. So when they log in to Ubuntu One the content is there and on all their devices ready to be synced or streamed at their convenience.

This feature is in the very early stages of development right now, but we wanted to give you  a sneak peak and to let you know that it will be coming soon for everyone. If you can’t wait and want early access or to learn more about this first version you can contact us and we will guide you through the implementation process.

Send to Ubuntu One on SCI-FI-LONDON

Other news is that we will also be sponsoring the SCI-FI-LONDON festival this year. SCI-FI-LONDON is an international film festival for sci-fi enthusiasts that runs from 1st-7th of May, in London.

This event coincided perfectly with the first version of Send to Ubuntu One and you can see the first live implementation of the feature used to support SCI-FI-LONDON here.

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  1. Stan Williams Says:

    Cool feature! I hope you get it ready soon!

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