Vodafone chooses Ubuntu One for their App Select store

In late 2011 Vodafone launched their boutique app store for Android named Vodafone AppSelect. The store is available across Europe and takes the hassle out of searching.

We can finally announce that our hugely popular Ubuntu One Files app has been selected by Vodafone for their curated app store. It’s now available to download via the Vodafone store in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Italy, Greece and Portugal.

U1 Files app is free and it includes 5GB of cloud storage. Users tell us they love the seemingly magic way U1 Files automatically sends photos taken from their phones directly to their personal cloud and other devices. So snap away, and forget about uploading, sending or tethering to other devices – Ubuntu One takes care of that for you.

The benefit of this feature hit home recently when my SD card decided to die with no warning – a year’s worth of photos and important moments I’d captured were gone. Or so I thought….I remembered that the clever Ubuntu One Files app had been working hard in the background during that time, seamlessly sending my photos back to U1 and onto my home PC. I can’t tell you the massive sense of relief I got from logging in and seeing all my photos safe and available for me to share.

Ubuntu One is available on several operating systems: Windows, Android, iOS and of course, Ubuntu. But remember, while using Ubuntu as your OS is a fantastic experience – you don’t need to use Ubuntu to reap the benefits of Ubuntu One.

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