An important note about Notes

We want to let you know that on Tuesday, February 28th we will be removing Notes from the Ubuntu One web interface. The reason for this is that the U1 Notes web interface hasn’t really been working as well as we want it to. We have looked at the improvements required and the resources needed to raise the overall quality of the notes web interface. However, with everything that we have to work on in 2012, plus continuing to improve our core services, we just won’t be able to give it the attention it needs.

For those of you syncing notes with Ubuntu One, this means you’ll continue to sync them via Tomboy just as you do today. The only difference is that you won’t be able to access these notes via the Ubuntu One web site after February 27th. If you have any more questions around U1 Notes please contact us.

Meanwhile, we’re continuing to build a new higher quality data sync service that will benefit notes as well as other types of data. This service will provide a solid foundation for our own data sync services as well as those of app developers. We’ll continue to post updates about that exciting development as we have more news.

2 Responses to “An important note about Notes”

  1. Gustavo Cardona Says:

    This is A great solution, but is better if works like Tortoise SVN, some icon or color to identify the progress or the files are pending to upload in the Ubuntu One Folder

  2. David Says:

    Various discussions and help documents reference or It would be helpful if those URLs returned a reference to this blog entry rather than a mysterious 404 error. I wasted a bunch of time today looking for a facility that no longer exists.

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