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Thanks CES…hello MWC!

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Ubuntu and Ubuntu One caused quite a stir at CES in Las Vegas back in January. Ubuntu TV was buzzing and even Walt Mossberg dropped by our stand to check up on our exciting developments.

For Ubuntu One the big story was bringing the convenience of the personal cloud to the connected car. Ubuntu One partnered with Visteon and Delphi, two of the largest companies in the automobile industry, as well as AllGo Systems to introduce prototypes of music streaming from personal cloud to automobiles. Visteon even implemented their prototype on top of Ubuntu Core, a version of Ubuntu designed for embedded devices.

This innovation in connected cars is yet another example of Ubuntu One leading the way in personal cloud services and helping users gain wider access to their personal media.

Our focus now shifts to Ubuntu One opportunities in wireless. From February 27th to the 1st of March we’ll be in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress, situated in Hall 7. Similar to our partnership with leading auto suppliers, we are working with mobile operators and handset manufacturers to further extend the personal cloud into the mobile world. Our recent experience with Vodafone is a first example in this direction.

As more and more consumers get switched on to the convenience of the could, handset manufacturers and wireless carriers are starting to create their own cloud solutions. Ubuntu One can power these efforts with a clear proposition:

1. Avoid creating another service silo – Separate services that are unique to a single device are confusing and frustrating to users. With its mobile apps for accessing files, streaming music and automatically sending photos to the cloud and other devices – Ubuntu One is already a favorite of millions of users.

2. Differrentiate by building your own new, branded features on top of Ubuntu One by using our APIs.

3. Revenue sharing across all Ubuntu One cloud services – Handset makers can earn post-sale revenue and carriers can increase ARPU to offset the costs of enhancing their networks for customers.

If you’re a handset maker or wireless carrier thinking about cloud services, we can help – so feel free to contact us.

Vodafone chooses Ubuntu One for their App Select store

Monday, February 20th, 2012

In late 2011 Vodafone launched their boutique app store for Android named Vodafone AppSelect. The store is available across Europe and takes the hassle out of searching.

We can finally announce that our hugely popular Ubuntu One Files app has been selected by Vodafone for their curated app store. It’s now available to download via the Vodafone store in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Italy, Greece and Portugal.

U1 Files app is free and it includes 5GB of cloud storage. Users tell us they love the seemingly magic way U1 Files automatically sends photos taken from their phones directly to their personal cloud and other devices. So snap away, and forget about uploading, sending or tethering to other devices – Ubuntu One takes care of that for you.

The benefit of this feature hit home recently when my SD card decided to die with no warning – a year’s worth of photos and important moments I’d captured were gone. Or so I thought….I remembered that the clever Ubuntu One Files app had been working hard in the background during that time, seamlessly sending my photos back to U1 and onto my home PC. I can’t tell you the massive sense of relief I got from logging in and seeing all my photos safe and available for me to share.

Ubuntu One is available on several operating systems: Windows, Android, iOS and of course, Ubuntu. But remember, while using Ubuntu as your OS is a fantastic experience – you don’t need to use Ubuntu to reap the benefits of Ubuntu One.

An important note about Notes

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

We want to let you know that on Tuesday, February 28th we will be removing Notes from the Ubuntu One web interface. The reason for this is that the U1 Notes web interface hasn’t really been working as well as we want it to. We have looked at the improvements required and the resources needed to raise the overall quality of the notes web interface. However, with everything that we have to work on in 2012, plus continuing to improve our core services, we just won’t be able to give it the attention it needs.

For those of you syncing notes with Ubuntu One, this means you’ll continue to sync them via Tomboy just as you do today. The only difference is that you won’t be able to access these notes via the Ubuntu One web site after February 27th. If you have any more questions around U1 Notes please contact us.

Meanwhile, we’re continuing to build a new higher quality data sync service that will benefit notes as well as other types of data. This service will provide a solid foundation for our own data sync services as well as those of app developers. We’ll continue to post updates about that exciting development as we have more news.