Ubuntu One now works on Windows!

It’s been a long time coming but today we are thrilled to tell you that the much anticipated Ubuntu One official client for Windows is now available for download.

A question we get asked a lot is…..why an Ubuntu One Windows client?

Well there are a few reasons: The most important is we listen to our users. We have long received feedback from Ubuntu users regarding their evolving needs to manage all their content  from a single, secure place across multiple platforms and devices. We’ve looked at many use cases, the most common being the Ubuntu user who is using more than one device or OS. Many people have to work in Windows or Mac environments, even if they prefer to use Ubuntu as their home desktop or OS of choice. Another case is enabling more opportunities for sharing across platforms. For example families using different operating systems in one household can use Ubuntu One as their central place to store all their music, documents, photos and share them easily with each other and friends.

Ubuntu One has a clearly defined strategy of being multi-platform, Windows is one element of that strategy. We believe in giving all users regardless of platform, access to one of the best personal cloud services available. We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy Ubuntu One and as a consequence, want to know more about all the great benefits of using Ubuntu.

Based on all of this feedback we released our first Windows client beta back in November 2010. Since then, it’s certainly been a labour of love for the team but they have done an excellent job creating a lightweight Windows desktop app so you can use all the great features of Ubuntu One on a Windows machine. This is a major milestone for the Ubuntu One team and we’d like to say well done to Roberto, Manuel, Natalia, Alejandro, Diego, Lisette, Andrews- Junior, Joshua, Sian and everyone else who has contributed.

However, the real heroes are our loyal beta testers, so we wanted to take this opportunity to say a great big thank you to our community who have been reporting bugs and giving us feedback for twelve months. Due to this we have been able to improve the Ubuntu One Windows installer to the slick official version now available for downloadWe couldn’t have done it without you!

Ubuntu One for Windows is easy to use, all you have to do is:

  1. Save the installer to your computer
    Save Ubuntu One for Windows installer
  2. Double-click on the download in your web browser’s download status to launch the installer.
    Run the Ubuntu One for Windows installer
  3. Setup – If you already have an Ubuntu One account sign in with your existing account. If you are new to Ubuntu One, you will be asked to set up an Ubuntu One Free account, this also gives you 5GB of free cloud storage. On successful registration an email will be sent to you with a verification code. Copy and paste that code into the installer when prompted.
    Setup Ubuntu One for Windows
  4. Next click the “Start setup” button to select folders you want to sync to your personal cloud. You can select folders on your computer to sync with your personal cloud at any time in the application.
    Select folders to sync with Ubuntu One for Windows
  5. Ubuntu One will take care of the rest…you are now ready to get started syncing, sharing and streaming!
    Ubuntu One for Windows running

If you want any more information about Ubuntu One for Windows or in general contact us on the Ubuntu Community Forums, facebook and twitter

The Ubuntu One team

40 Responses to “Ubuntu One now works on Windows!”

  1. Jonathan Carter Says:

    Heh, I was going to comment “Wow! Not every day you see a product targeted at widows” but I see the typo has been fixed since it landed in my feed reader!

  2. Aaron Says:

    Hey, it’s great about the Windows client but I have to ask the obvious question; what’re the plans for a Mac client? You guys have the iOS app, which is great, and that could be the building block for a Mac app, since the iOS/Cocoa design is so similar.

    I ask because I am normally a Mac user and have begun using Linux more via Ubuntu 11.04 (btw, I *LOVE* the Mac-like experience from Unity, you guys are making great headway in the Linux UI department) .. and I’ve actually learned a lot about Linux/Unix/BSD by having my Mac and doing a lot of Terminal stuff.

    Please give strong consideration to a native Mac client for Ubuntu One; it seems like it could be a great service compared to Dropbox/Box/SugarSync, etc (I use all three of these with their free accounts to maximize online storage) .. but I’d consider actually paying for Ubuntu One, if even for the built-in music streaming alone.

  3. Dan J Says:

    This is HUGE guys. I have been a dropbox user for as long as I can remember, but I’m more than willing to try something else.

    Installed Ubuntu one on my work PC and my galaxy S 2 and so far, works as advertised. I might have to make the switch!

  4. Hurumph Says:


    Presently being set up on my Windows computer – this will make life far easier!

  5. Elliot Murphy Says:

    Great work, glad to see this released! I’m delighted to see the code is available as well. https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-control-tower/ubuntuone-windows-installer/trunk

  6. mattn Says:

    Sounds good to me.
    Is it work well with http proxy?

  7. Philipp Gassmann Says:

    What does Ubuntu One qualify to be labeled a secure place?

  8. Kendric Says:

    Lots of folks have to work behind a firewall too. Does this version finally handle that situation?

  9. Brent Says:

    Unfortunately the program doesnt sync a single byte for me. I’ve tried restarting my machine a few times, but alas. After about a minute the program says it has synced, but the counter is still at 0.0GB and the web interface shows nothing.

  10. Dariorodt Says:

    YEAAHHH…! ¡por fin…!

  11. Chip Bennett Says:

    If only there were such dedication to providing a rock-solid Ubuntu One client for Kubuntu.

    The Ubuntu One KDE Client is still wishlisted? Are you kidding me? I so enjoy Kubuntu being the red-headed step-child in the Ubuntu family. Obviously, KDE Linux rates below Windows.

  12. jmaspons Says:

    Nice one but what about a kubuntu and kde version?

  13. Sven Nissen Says:

    This is a good step forward! It seems to be a great work, but…
    it is useless if your Windows-PC sitting behind a Proxy-Server. The Windows-Client can’t sync becoause there is no configuration for a needed proxy-connection to the Internet.

    It would be nice to inform about this, sorry, “Bug” before somebody like me is klicking euphoric the Download-Link and lands on his nose when he wants to tryout this long-awaitet piece of good Ubuntu-Software.

    *Hmpf* … still waitng a little bit more to sync my ugly Business-Windows-PC with my shiny Ubuntu-PCs.

    PS: How may i help to getting fix this? Is there anything I can do without knowing much programming languange?

  14. Claus Says:

    Still no proxy-support??? One of the “most common use cases” surely is using Windows at work – which will (almost) always require a proxy.

  15. Mick Biddulph Says:

    we wanna a mac client too……. 🙂

  16. Hao Says:

    Well done, guys! However, please make the default Ubuntu-One Sync location flexible, and add permission to folders outside USER HOME in MS Windows. Better to move the whole storage to Disk D, instead. I guess most Win users don’t like their home directories very much, unlike Ubuntu users who usually don’t have to care about these issues.

  17. qhartman Says:

    Thanks! This will make keeping things in order on the various machines I use much easier!

  18. Macuser Says:

    I would like an OSX client since I use both my Macbook Pro and my Ubuntu desktop. I currently use Dropbox but I would like to support Ubuntu development through the paid service.

  19. Alex Says:

    BOOO! Don’t give these non-believers any attention 😉 lol, it’s nice to know the open source community isn’t stuck up like microsoft

  20. Doug irvine Says:


    This is a really useful tool for people like me who have to use Windows at work. Unfortunately until it will work through a proxy I am still unable to use it in my work environment.



  21. Melky Says:

    It’s a great notice, cuz i use ubuntu on my laptop, and on university and my job have only windows. share some files for school jobs or office jobs to my laptop over the cloud is essencial.

  22. dragonbite Says:


    I’m a dropbox user but have loved the idea of U1 for a while now and the ease of running it in Ubuntu.

    I only wish some of the other distributions would start supporting it (Fedora and Kubuntu for starters).

  23. Bert Mul Says:

    Wow! This version really works great!
    (I actually considered writing that with huge capitals and with a whole bunch of exclamation marks)
    And it makes my life a whole lot easier.
    I had previously “played” with the beta but that attempt ended in 100% processor utilisation and nothing else happening .

    But with this version I finally can sync files between Natty running on my home desktop and Windows 7 on my laptop, even while I am “on the road”. (Sorry guys, using Windows 7 was my employer’s idea, not mine!)

    A big hand of applause for the guys that made this possible.

  24. Valencia Says:

    Please give strong consideration to a native Mac client for Ubuntu One; it seems like it could be a great service compared to Dropbox/Box/SugarSync, etc (I use all three of these with their free accounts to maximize online storage) .. but I’d consider actually paying for Ubuntu One, if even for the built-in music streaming alone.

  25. syaman Says:

    Great news! Hope the Mac client can be out soon too!

  26. Lemon Says:

    Amazing. I love using Ubuntu One.

  27. Giorgio Says:

    I’m very suprised that you developed a client for Windows and not for KDE :-\ I can’t use it on mu Kubuntu 11.04 and I have to upload and manage files via web only, very slow and complicated.

  28. Jay Says:

    I love Ubuntu and I love the proposition of Ubuntu One. I’ve just installed it on my Windows machine and I’m really impressed with the GUI and the easy of use.

    HOWEVER, it is a big disappointment that I cannot select any folder I want to sync. It appears that I can only select folders inside c:\users\profile.

    If that is the case I hope it will change soon, because it really does not make any sense. Myself and I bet, lots of other power users folks out there, have their documents and profiles saved to another hard drive or partition in their Windows and Linux machines. As for myself I have my data on D:\Data, including profile folders for some apps, such as Firefox.

    I’ve installed Ubuntu One and I’m now using it on a small folder inside my c:\users\profile folder, but just as a test pilot really, since I cannot use it to sync any of the files that I really would like to.

    In the next few days I will install it on my two Ubuntu machines (a desktop and a laptop) and I hope I will have a different experience then.

    Any idea when this “bug” will be addressed?

    Thank you.

  29. Jonathan Yeh Says:

    I by mistake downloaded and installed this Ubuntu Windows, now I find out I no longer have my Windows. Can I uninstall this and recover to the state before installation ?

  30. WinUser Says:

    This works ONLY for directories below … \Documents and Settings\user\…
    Not much help at least for me.
    Why to put that severe limitation?

  31. mallard Says:

    ‘Expired timestamp: given 1320067971 and now 1320064365 has a greater difference than threshold 900’

    i get this after installing in winxp.

    oh well, it was a good idea at least

  32. Dirk Says:

    *** Thanks! ***
    I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. How about a Mac version now? 🙂 This would make Ubuntu One being the only “dropbox” I’d use in the future.

  33. Bitetti Says:

    Great I’m a user with needs to work on Windows and Ubuntu at home and work. It’s satisfied me so much.

  34. Duane Hinnen Says:

    A Mac client is on our radar and something we hope to be able to deliver next year.

  35. Duane Hinnen Says:

    Sorry for the problem. That error means your computers clock is off. This can cause authentication to fail. Please check your computers time against a reliiable source like http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

  36. Duane Hinnen Says:

    We are working on proxy support and hope to have this functionality to our users very soon.

  37. Duane Hinnen Says:

    We just recently did a proxy survey to figure out what use cases are the most popular. This will help guide us moving forward so that we can get the most popular use cases supported first. Our engineers are working hard at this and we hope to have it available to our users very soon.

  38. Duane Hinnen Says:

    Currently we have no plans to develop a KDE version. We are more then happy to help anyone interested in working on a KDE client.

  39. Duane Hinnen Says:

    We wish we had the resources to develop, maintain, and update clients for every platform and Linux distro. Unfortunately we do not and we have to make tough choices. We base those choices on user demand and reaching the most people with our limited resources. Windows was one of the most popular requests by users for platforms to support. Mac was the second most popular and we hope to be able to support that platform sometime next year. As always we would be more then happy to work with anyone who wants to work on a client for their favorite platform.

  40. Duane Hinnen Says:

    I apologize Brent. could you please contact our support team so they can help you get things sorted out. https://one.ubuntu.com/help/contact/

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