A big thanks to our 1 million users: have some storage on us!

Fresh off the back of our super successful Android Files app launch, we now get to share even more exciting news. First of all, back in May we surpassed the 1 million global user mark! This is a significant milestone for us at Ubuntu One as it means that over a million people all over the world are enjoying Ubuntu One services to sync files, share and collaborate with family, friends, colleagues and stream music.

We’re passionate about building great Ubuntu One services and seeing how people love using them, so we’d like to say a big thank you to all our loyal users for supporting Ubuntu One. As such,  we have made some changes to our plans. From today, Ubuntu One Basic will become Ubuntu One Free and users will get 5GB of free storage when they set up an account. Current  users of Ubuntu One Basic will see their free storage allowance automatically increase from 2GB to 5GB. We are also changing our current Mobile plan to Music Streaming for Android and iPhone: this plan will now include 20GB of storage built in for the same great price of $3.99 per month – and remember, this service works anywhere in the world. Existing mobile plan subscribers will be instantly upgraded to the new Music Streaming plan and automatically get the 20GB of storage. You can still buy additional storage as you need it, in the same 20GB increments and at the same price of $2.99 per month. You’ll find all the information about new plans on our shiny new website which comes with improved navigation and help section.

But we’re not done with the good news! The Ubuntu One App Developer Program is now public. We’re firm believers that we don’t have to build everything ourselves and we know there’s a mass of great ideas and amazing developer talent out there: that’s why our App Developer Program is open to everybody, on any platform so we can’t wait to see you get involved!

If you have any more questions about any of these changes please visit our help section on the website or get in touch on Ubuntu Community Forums, Facebook or Twitter.

Phew! You’d think with all those changes the team would be able to kick back and relax, but  the hard work isn’t over –  we’re still pushing to get a major upgrade to the Ubuntu One Windows Beta out soon so keep your eye on the blog!

15 Responses to “A big thanks to our 1 million users: have some storage on us!”

  1. Matteo Says:

    i’ve seen photos of a new iphone app but it isn’t yet published in the appstore right?

  2. Martin Albisetti Says:

    Right, it’s coming soon.

  3. kost BebiX Says:

    Great news!

    But I didn’t get one thing: I currently use music streaming and 1×20 gb pack. But it still writes me that my storage is 22 Gb (why not 25?) in Ubuntu One app (Ubuntu 11.04). So you say music plan will give me that 20Gb — it means I can turn off 1x20Gb to get the same result? Thank you.

  4. Júlio Says:

    Great news! It’s amazing!
    That’s for sure wonderful work.

  5. Keith Says:

    Well done guys! Really looking forward to further integration with more Ubuntu applications in the future, and thanks for the extra storage, will have to buy more tunes from the music store

  6. adred Says:

    Awesome! Where are the like/+1/share buttons?

  7. Martin Albisetti Says:

    HI kost, the information displayed is having a small delay in updating, it will reflect reality within the next hour or two. You will see 45GB when it updates.

  8. Guido Rolon Says:

    Great news, i’m pretty new using ubuntu one, i really like it, now is getting bigger and better!, cheers

  9. Glass Says:

    I have some friends who are evaluating other solutions, this is great news. I will recommend you guys to everyone.

  10. Denis Says:

    This is fantastic news, thank you for the free upgrade and for a great service.

  11. kost BebiX Says:

    Martin Albisetti, yes, I see that, thanks. But what I now can’t see is how to undo my subscription for file storage on this page: https://one.ubuntu.com/services/

    Please help, thank you.

  12. kost BebiX Says:

    I mean, all I see is http://dl.dropbox.com/u/865508/ubuntu_one_subs.png (sorry for using dropbox for screenshots, but I’ve used to that and already storing them there by default)

  13. Michael Kargl Says:

    Wow generous!
    Thanks to ubuntu and the million ubuntu users!
    Keep growing! 😉

  14. Zac Says:

    UbuntuOne has improved so much since it was first launched, so congrats to all who have put in the hard work. I hope there will be since apps for the MAc and Windows, iPhone and Android. This will also help to get the name Ubuntu out there.

    I would rather use UbuntuOne over Dropbox, so keep the good work coming. Well done so far.

  15. Jonathan Says:

    Fantastic service so far… Loving the ability to keep things in sync between many devices transparently. Thanks for the hard work!

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