Introducing Ubuntu One Files App for Android

It’s been on it’s way for a while now, so we are pleased to announce that our new free Android files app is ready for download from the Android Market.Ubuntu One files app for Android QR code

So what does this super new files app do? Well, Ubuntu One’s files app for Android gives you the freedom to take your files, photos and more with you and access them on the fly. It’s been picked as Pocket-lint’s ‘App of the Day’ today so see the full review here.

You can secure and manage your photos, files and folders directly from your Android device anywhere in the world. You can browse, select and download all your files and folders as well as upload and send files directly from your phone.

Ubuntu One files app for Android browsing files

What’s really cool is that Ubuntu One files automatically backs up photographs taken from your Android phone’s camera directly to your Ubuntu One personal cloud. Giving you peace of mind knowing that all the great photos on your mobile are backed up and available for you to share. Speaking of sharing, you can do that directly from the app – just tap and hold on the file or photo you want to share and instantly post it straight to Facebook, Twitter, or your blog.

Ubuntu One files app for Android managing and sharing a file

Other news, last week we submitted our new Music streaming app for iPhone to the app store. We’ll tell you more as soon as it’s available for download so keep your eye on our blog.

20 Responses to “Introducing Ubuntu One Files App for Android”

  1. Kevin Hughes Says:

    Cool. Is the source available for this app?

  2. Martin Albisetti Says:

    Kevin, it sure is:

  3. Kévin PEIGNOT Says:

    But this app is Wonderfully great ! fantastic!! Thanks for this golden app : It works fine, do everything I want it to do, fastly, and beautifully !!!! (Scuse me, my English is not so great !!!)

  4. Kevin Hughes Says:

    Martin, excellent news, thanks for the link 🙂

    In that case I’ll submit it to F-Droid, the market for FOSS android apps 🙂

  5. Dylan McCall Says:

    Great! I like it. Auto photo upload is excellent 🙂

    Err, one thing, though: how do I undownload a file without deleting it on U1’s end?

  6. Joshua Hoover Says:

    Dylan, The best way to do this right now is to delete the file(s) from your sdcard in the U1 folder, which is where the app caches the downloaded files. We’ll be improving this in the future.

  7. bigbrovar Says:

    Its a shame that as a kubuntu user I can not use Ubuntu one because there is not Kde support. but a window, iOS and now android user can. what a pity.

  8. Martin Says:

    Congratulations, and that’s so cool the source is open.

  9. Martin Says:

    It looks like it has auto-download over 3g on by default; that sounds potentially very expensive for some users.

  10. Alex Launi Says:

    I can’t wait to get back to the US and install this. Getting pictures from my phone to my computer has been a huge pain in the ass. This looks so freaking cool!

  11. Joshua Hoover Says:

    bigbrovar, We need to balance making Ubuntu One available everywhere with the need to make a sustainable business which supports Ubuntu. If you are interested in helping make Ubuntu One work natively on KDE, please let us know and I’ll put you in touch with the right people on the team here:

  12. Mark Smith Says:

    This is the stuff that makes me love Ubuntu One. Canonical got this model perfect. Check some checkboxes on your computer, keep all your computers in sync, and share stuff at will. There’s one app that handles everything on the desktop, and a couple of to-purpose apps to handle everything on Android.

    Google left me scratching my head for a while. Why would I want to store my Music in one service, my Docs in a second service, my Pictures in a 3rd service, etc. etc., using different applications written different ways? Instead, I have 62 GB + Ubuntu One Mobile. Problem solved.

  13. Tim Jordan Says:

    I just started testing this service. So far so good. Would love to see an iphone app to manage my “one” files.


  14. Michał Karnicki Says:

    Hi everyone!
    We ubuntuone-android-hackers are very happy you like it! We are doing our best to bring even more awesome features.

    “It looks like it has auto-download over 3g on by default” – there is no auto-download, you probably mean auto-upload. In that case, we’ll have a look into that, thanks for sharing!

  15. Rob Smiler Says:

    u1 is a direct competitor to Dropbox. Regarding to Michał Karnicki Saying: ubuntuone-android-hackers doing our best to bring even more awesome features.

    A far way until there. Supporting OSX, Windows, iOS…

    Wishing good luck into this.


  16. Claudio Says:

    I’ve just bought and android phone and I’m looking forward to synch with my desktop and laptop running ubuntu.
    Thanks canonical.
    Someone else said that I will have a 3g auto-upload (in case I shoot some photos) and auto-download (in case I switch to 3g before synching is finished) problem.
    Then if I install the app I should always remember to exit or kill it before switching to 3g.
    An option like wifi, 3g or wifi+3g will solve the problem.
    I have a limit of 300Mb per month on my 3g and if I cross it I start to pay.

  17. Claudio Says:

    It seems that what I wish for is already there 🙂

  18. Artem Says:

    Sometimes it takes up to an hour to “instantly auto-upload” the new photo.
    Any ideas what I can to with this?

  19. Jacob Says:

    when i try opening ubuntu one on my phone it keeps saying wifi or mobile network required. what gives?

  20. Michał Karnicki Says:


    I assume you have the frequency set to ‘Instant’? If so, it should upload the picture as soon as you take it (unless you’re on Mobile connection and allowed the app to use Wi-Fi only). In case it fails for any reason, it will retry shortly again.


    What kind of Internet connection are you using? Ubuntu One Files requires either Wi-Fi or Mobile connection available on the device, at least for the first login.

    In case anybody has further questions, I warmly invite you to use the page, where I will be notified of your questions and respond more promptly 🙂 Thanks!

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