Some changes to contacts

Last month was a big one for Ubuntu and Ubuntu One. For Ubuntu One, in addition to all the improvements we made in Ubuntu 11.04, we also released substantial improvements to contacts on the web, including Facebook import. Our attention now turns to contacts sync for mobile devices.

We’re working on completely revamping contacts sync for mobile to give you an overall better experience. The new service will work with mobile devices running iOS or Android operating systems. We decided to focus on these two operating systems so we can deliver the best user experience without having to limit functionality to the lowest common denominator. The new service will be free and available later this year. If you are interested in testing the new service, please add your email address to this form and we will provide you with more info once the service is ready for testing.

As of June 1, 2011 the current Ubuntu One contacts sync for mobile will no longer be active. We’re stopping support for our current service so we can focus our energy on launching a much better service sooner than we could otherwise.

What happens to my contacts?
Contacts will continue to sync between Evolution and Ubuntu One. Your contacts will still be available via the web. For those who use the current contacts sync service on their phone or with the Funambol plugin for Outlook/Thunderbird this means contacts will no longer sync with Ubuntu One after May 31, 2011.

What if I’m a mobile package subscriber and only use it for syncing contacts?
For those who have the Ubuntu One mobile package and only use it for contacts sync, please contact us and we will provide a refund for all your mobile package charges as well as cancel your mobile package subscription. For those who use music streaming, please continue to enjoy music streaming and you will have the ability to sync contacts later this year.

We realize this transition may leave some of you with further questions, if that’s the case please contact us.

Thanks for your patience. Now it’s back to work on getting the new mobile contacts service out ASAP.

23 Responses to “Some changes to contacts”

  1. Callum Saunders Says:

    i think the best thing that could happen to U1 Contacts, would be google contacts integration.

    Would be SOO much easier to manage.

  2. kost BebiX Says:

    Yes! Really waiting for that)

  3. Joshua Hoover Says:

    Callum, Your wish will be granted.

  4. phen Says:

    Why not add Calendar syncing, too? 🙂

  5. Joshua Hoover Says:

    phen, We’d like to but are trying to focus on some specific services and feature across multiple platforms. We’re going to be announcing our developer program soon which will allow other developers to deliver features like calendar sync on top of Ubuntu One.

  6. phen Says:

    Joshua, thats good news! will you open the ubuntu one sources somewhat, too? I could imagine that many developers would join development of such an open-source cloud ecosystem.

  7. Joshua Hoover Says:

    phen, All our client software is open source. You can find our many projects at: We’re also going to launch a developer program soon that will provide fully documented APIs (along with other info/features) for our various services. This will allow developers to build apps on top of Ubuntu One.

  8. Ron Payne Says:

    Love Ubuntu! the more so since getting a Linuxcertified 2130 entirely dedicated to Ubuntu. I do wish that there were an indicator to say how much is left to sync on Ubuntu One, the fact that there are ‘files syncing’ is an interesting fact but hardly a sufficient description of the ongoing process.

  9. AJenbo Says:

    Seams like good news, i just lost about 100 contacts (my 150 most used contacts survived so it’s not the end of the world) on my phone because of the old buggy client for Android. The client for iPhone just flat out fails and asks me to please view the log file… what log file!

  10. cot_al Says:

    I hope we will be able to get contacts from thunderbird then…?!

  11. Joshua Hoover Says:

    cot_al, There is work under way to get contacts working with Thunderbird. We have a developer who has worked on it in the past before he joined the team and there is now a developer at Mozilla working on it.

  12. Zach Says:

    I think this is so cool what you guys are doing in the open-source community. I only wish i had an android phone, and a credit card to pay for the service, and shop at ubuntu one music store. but thats the price to pay for being a kid 🙁

  13. Jorge Domínguez Says:

    I subscribed to the ubuntu one mobile service to have my phone (LG-500, android 2.2) sync’ed, but I was unable to find the Ubuntu One Contact client in the android market; is this outage the reason why? Should I request a refund, or should I wait for the new service to be operational? Love Ubuntu and the One initiative by the way, right now the integration of the desktop with this online service is the main reason why I stick with Ubuntu…. keep up the good work!!!

  14. Jan Schürmann Says:

    NOOO, please no google contacts integration!!
    my trust in Canonical is much bigger than in google, so please let the user choose!!!!
    i don’t want all my contacts on google servers…

  15. Joshua Hoover Says:

    You won’t have to sync with Google. It will be an option just like we have now with Facebook contacts. 🙂

  16. Yannick Says:

    is there any date, the new mobile contacs service will start? I really am looking forward to use this service again.

  17. Steven Says:

    Any further news on a date for mobile contacts?

  18. Colin Reed Says:

    Any further news on this update? It’s been very quiet for a while now and I’d love to get back to syncing my contacts with my Android phone.

  19. Jan Schürmann Says:

    is there any chance to get a release date for the mobile contacts by now?

  20. Colin Reed Says:

    Still no news? Any indication of a release date?

  21. Ben Says:

    sync contact between Thunderbird and Android!
    I’m waiting for it.

  22. Steven Says:

    Hi – this is now the third month where someone has asked for an update on mobile contacts. Any news yet??

  23. Duane Hinnen Says:

    Currently we do not have a date for the release of the revamped Ubuntu One Mobile Contacts. As soon as we do we will announce it on this blog and our social media.

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