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These are exciting times for Ubuntu One. Our sync services have become a reliable part of our users’ daily activities, people are raving over our new music streaming service, and we’re close to launching full-fledged clients for Windows and Android – effectively exposing the extended world of Ubuntu to millions of users for the first time.

We decided to dress ourselves up for the occasion… so our design team jumped at the opportunity and did a fantastic job in coming up with a vibrant new look that captures the choice, convenience and security benefits delivered by Ubuntu One.

Here’s a not-so-sneak preview (roll out is happening as I type):

Ubuntu One web site preview - click for larger image

We’re also thrilled about the “iconology” representing each Ubuntu One service:

File Sync
– the easiest way to keep your files safe and accessible anywhere, anytime – for free on all platforms supported (2GB of storage also included). Currently available on Ubuntu and Windows (in Beta) computers, on the Web and very soon on Android mobile devices.

Music Streaming
our most popular premium service allows you to take your entire music collection wherever you go, without the inconvenience of tethering mobile phones or worrying about local storage. Supports .mp3 and *very soon* iTunes (.mp4) and .ogg formats.

Contacts Sync
– We’re revamping our Contacts Sync service! Soon, you will be able to sync your Facebook friends, Gmail and mobile phone contacts – with brand new contacts management functionality available from our Web UI. Integration with Evolution Mail on the Ubuntu desktop is also supported.

Music Store
– Buy music from the most popular labels and artists and get it delivered directly to your personal cloud. Available only on Ubuntu computers, integrated with the Banshee and Rhythmbox music players.

Bookmarks sync icon

Bookmarks Sync
– a convenient way to keep your Firefox bookmarks in sync across Ubuntu computers.

Notes Sync
– If you’re an avid user of Tomboy Notes, sync your notes and access them via the Web UI or across your Ubuntu computers. Available only on Ubuntu computers, integrated with the Tomboy Notes application.

Now that we’re all dressed up, look out for a number of exciting changes to our Web UI, Ubuntu and Windows control panels as a result of an intensive week of user testing – but more to come on this soon…


24 Responses to “Habemus Logo!”

  1. Vandi Says:

    Great new look.
    But the calendar sync is still missing… 🙁

  2. Marcos Vinícius Piccinini Says:

    Excelent. Awsome.

  3. GhostLyrics Says:

    You forgot to insert the link to the service at [link to music page]

  4. Erik van Luxzenburg Says:

    Nice looks these icons. Still interested in ubuntu one. Waiting for other payment options as I don’t use credit cards e.g. So paypal?

  5. Alexander Wilms Says:

    Looks really cool. Please get Bookmarks sync working now and Contacts sync with Thunderbird 🙂

  6. Alexandr Says:

    I like it more than previous.

  7. Chauncellor Says:

    Beautiful. You guys rock.

  8. Chauncellor Says:

    My girlfriend just noticed that the bookmarks icon is a slightly different shade of orange. It’s ever so slightly lighter than the others.

    Bookmarks icon: dd4a15
    Other icons: db3700

  9. Fredrik Ekelund Says:

    Super duper fresh, I’m really excited to see how Ubuntu One will evolve!
    But I would really love to see a 2px or 3px CSS border-radius added to the navigation bar, it really ‘smooths out’ the impression of the page and fits with the gradient background imho.

  10. KrGAce Says:

    I agree that this is a great service, but Calendar sync (that works) would be great and probably a service I’d pay for instead of the basic free.

  11. Eugene Says:

    I like it!

  12. bng Says:

    It’s not the best visual identity, but it is certainly an improvement! Congrats for it!
    And BTW am I the only one who recognizes castle and something like a flag in the notes icon? 🙂

  13. Vadim Peretokin Says:

    Thanks for keeping tabs on the aestheitcs!

  14. mwm Says:

    Great work guys!

    i’d like to say that it would be awesome if one could sync config files from the user’s home folder so if the system is formated or one has many pcs, every config and settings is always synced.

  15. tudza Says:

    Indeed, good looking icons.

    I’m going to fire up my Windows Ubuntu One client and see if speed issues have improved. Dropbox was kicking its ass in all things, except delivery of purchased music of course.

  16. miaw Says:

    i don’t like the U1 icon. and the new one.ubuntu.com style is bad too. why we have a really BIG “JOIN” button, but only a 2px “sign in” link? “hey, join our service but dont use!!!!!”
    another designfail… like the Ubuntu keyboard with Windows-key or the Ubuntu-Mouse with scrollwheel on the right. …

  17. telementn Says:

    I’m a big UbuntuOne fan, but the Windows client is hogging 25% of my cpu, and constantly shows “synching metadata” notification.

  18. Anders Says:

    Calendar still missing, except for that this is an excelent service! Until this flaw is corrected we have to use memotoo or other services that is complete 🙁

  19. Joshua Hoover Says:

    We’ll be releasing a new beta of the Windows client in the next few weeks that should address high CPU utilization.

  20. edgar Says:

    a macintosh app would rock! using a virtual machine for syncing in the meantime…

  21. Alex Alexzander Says:

    Speed of the sync is what is needed. With DropBox, I have a panel icon which shows me in real time that files have been added, and then in seconds I see the update start and finish.

    With Ubuntu One these takes an eternity. Please, I would gladly switch to U1 entirely if you could provide a panel icon and make this sync happen instantly. I could be ready to turn off my computer, and slap a file in a DropBox and see it sync in seconds and be on my way. You need that kind of speed and efficiency with this service.

  22. Joshua Hoover Says:

    Alex, Performance needs to improve and the good news is we’re about to make performance substantially better. Watch this blog for more details. Thanks, Joshua

  23. Jabin Searl Says:

    When will the full-fledged client for Android be released?

  24. nersal Says:

    Hi Joshua,
    can you please tell us when the full-fledged client for Android will be released?

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