So let there be Windows…

Ok, we’ve made the jump. An Ubuntu-branded experience on Windows. Can you believe it?

With the Maverick release, we’re finally delivering a service that gives you a flavor of our broader personal cloud strategy. As we strive to introduce security, control and convenience around the different facets of your digital world, we will be evolving in a number of areas:

    • > Platform ubiquity (Ubuntu, Web and now a Windows Beta) on basic synchronization services and breadth of content synced (Files, Contacts, Bookmarks and Notes are already available)
    • > Services that let you do more with that content (our cloud to mobile music streaming service for Android and iPhone is a first example)
    • > The integration of third party services (like the 7digital music store)

We’re ready to take the next step toward serving the needs of those ‘legacy’ OS users by accepting requests to join the public beta of Ubuntu One for Windows. Expanding to Windows is actually a fantastic thing for Ubuntu users. There are many of you out there that use Ubuntu at home and Windows, for example, at work. This platform expansion will make it easier to integrate Ubuntu into more aspects of your digital world.

For our first release of Ubuntu One for Windows, we decided to start small, with a target of delivering a commercial grade and a more comprehensive offering for Natty in April 2011. Our first Beta release synchronizes files between your Windows computer, your Ubuntu One personal cloud and your Ubuntu computer(s). Please review our wiki page for feature updates to our beta Windows service.

Update: The Windows beta installer is now available for everyone

21 Responses to “So let there be Windows…”

  1. Ous Says:

    OSX soon?

  2. Andrew Says:

    Request Access link does not work.
    I am very excited about this and have been holding off using dropbox etc because I want to stay with Ubuntu.

  3. Dimitris Says:

    Will you support all versions of Windows? (XP, Vista, 7)

    It is a great idea for all of us that are prisoned during work in front of Windows XP old slow PCs (that would run great on Linux). Having my personal files or saving important work files so that I can work also from home would be great!

  4. FF Says:

    This will be wonderful thing to have, but one suggestion… A special installer to allow it to run off just a flash drive? The computers at my school don’t allow anything to be installed and completely reset the computers back to the way they were when you log off. So it would just lose everything. So yea, maybe just a standalone exe or someway to JUST run it off the flash drive?

  5. Jonathan Cremin Says:

    Yeah, Mac client, please.

  6. Wirelizard Says:

    How about an Ubuntu One Portable App (

    For those of us with locked-down Windows machines at work that we can’t always install thing to, a PortableApp version would be useful. Firefox Portable is a sanity-saver for me when I’m at work, I know!

  7. RocketPenguin Says:

    Yeah, let there be OSX!

  8. Teebs Says:

    Smeggin hell. This before Kubuntu integration?!

  9. claydoh Says:

    …..Or further work on the client for Kubuntu?

  10. Hartl Says:

    I really appreciate your work, but I would prefer a fast and stable U1 for Ubuntu. I switched back to Dropbox because U1 is not mature enough for my daily business.

  11. Danny Says:

    Yes please, a Mac OSX version would be great as I’m a Mac and Ubuntu guy!

  12. oshunluvr Says:

    Unbelievable that we have a windoze client before KDE. Of course, this from a company that thinks Gnome is the bees-knees…

  13. nice Says:

    Nice, let there be mutiple platforms and 64bit

  14. Joshua Hoover Says:

    We’re trying to make the client less dependent on GNOME so that ports to KDE are easier. This work is going on right now.

  15. Taylor Braun-Jones Says:

    Great news! Thanks. Once OS X and Android clients are available I will happily switch from Dropbox.

  16. hainside Says:

    Excuse me.I would like to participate in the Ubuntu One test.May I? Thank you!

  17. Joris Says:

    I don’t know about the features… but if ubuntu one supports:
    * sync any folder
    * osx
    * low resource requirements

    I’ll definitely get a 20, or 40 pack. I’m currently on dropbox, but there are too few features.. You can’t force me into using “Dropbox” folder.

    Also file permissions would be nice!

    Willing to help on porting

  18. Jan Hopmans Says:

    Thank you, I have installed this beta. It for from there but it’s easy to have something for the time when I really want to move over to Ubuntu. =)

  19. Gustavo Says:

    I’m not ubuntu user but I started to use Ubuntu One to synch between my office and my computer at home.
    I bougth a 20 pack today and work very well on two windows 7 computers.
    Thanks!!! And I’m waiting for future updates!

  20. Ignacio Says:

    I don’t like the feeling of this AT ALL. In fact, I’m pretty angry right now. You shouldn’t call Windows “legacy”, this shouldn’t be the immature “we are better, other suck” fight. Ubuntu should just do its thing and let users choose. If you don’t want do develop a Windows version, just don’t; but don’t say it’s just necessary because some stupid users still HAVE to use Windows. Check this out sometime, and learn tolerance. If you don’t change the legacy stuff from the home page, this will be mi way out. It’s a shame after 5 or 6 years following the project… really sad you turned out so close minded.

  21. Joshua Hoover Says:

    Sorry to offend you with the term “legacy” when applied to Windows. It was an attempt at humor. The truth is, once code is released, it’s legacy. Software engineers know this all too well, as they often wrestle maintaining code written days ago, as well as that written many years in the past. I can assure you we didn’t mean to offend you or anyone else by calling Windows legacy.

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