Ubuntu One Mobile, now with music streaming, is here!

It’s finally here. Ubuntu One users can now add music streaming to the long list of things that we offer. This is a big step for us and our goal of creating useful services around your content.

We have to thank the Android beta testers who provided great feedback, identified important bugs and streamed enough songs to their phones to help us identify ways that we should improve our infrastructure.

Testing in the wild and sharing the code with everyone has yielded another benefit – feature contributions. We didn’t expect it, but the Ubuntu One Music app for Android will also include last.fm Scrobbling support. Special thanks to Scott Ferguson for that contribution… even before the app was released!

Find out more about Ubuntu One Mobile and music streaming at one.ubuntu.com/mobile.

Ubuntu One Music for Android and iPhone

8 Responses to “Ubuntu One Mobile, now with music streaming, is here!”

  1. Micah Says:


  2. Mike Says:

    This would be a really cool feature, except that for $3.99 a month, I can stream up to 2GB of music. For $0 per month, I can stream up to 16GB of music from the memory card that was included with my phone. I’m sure that soon, Google will offer me the opportunity to stream however much music I want for little to no money. While I would rather support Ubuntu than Google, you guys will have to sweeten the deal just a little bit. (Hint: I know consumer-grade storage + RAID isn’t THAT expensive…)

  3. OxKing Says:

    Well, i am very disappointed.
    I,ve tried the android app and could’t use any function.
    “Suscription Required”

    Not even an free trial periode without subscribing for future payment?
    No, this is inacceptable for me.
    I just don’t want to pay a monthly fee for acsessing a music store.
    And this is the only thing that i want. The Ubuntu One Music Store
    on my Android Phone. Without Steaming, or access to the cloud.
    I dont like or use cloud services anyway!
    Just want to preview, buy and save music on my Android phone on the go.
    So please make it accessable without the cloud crap i don’t want to use either. To me you could add google ads in the software,
    or make it like 1,99$ to buy, but i will and could not pay a monthly fee.

  4. Matt Griffin Says:

    @OxKing A subscription to Ubuntu One Mobile is required to use the apps and we’ve made the first 30 days free. You can cancel at any time. https://one.ubuntu.com/mobile/
    The problem with saving music to your phone is that you have to constantly tether your phone to your computer and move files back and forth. Having an Ubuntu One personal cloud with your music takes care of these annoying tasks for you.

  5. mw88 Says:

    @Matt: Yes it is true that this would require the user to connect to the computer and copy all bought music manually but there is onother way which should’t be to hard to implement:

    If you buy music on the desktop it will be downloaded from the cloud so it should be possible to buy it on the mobile too and then download it with the music player.

    I have two additional ideas for Ubuntu One:

    – backround picture upload. Dropbox offers this but its not happening automatically, you have to add each picture to the Dropbox. Maby this application could add the pictures to Shotwell

    – a calender provider which will be synced with the Ubuntu desktop. There are a lot of people who don’t like google to have their calendar data (me for example :D) The default Android application to view and edit calendar events isn’t very good or maybe I’m just spoiled by the HTC calendar app 😉 So it would be great to have a better calendar application.

    What do you think about this ideas?

  6. John Baer Says:

    Just installed the app on my iTouch 🙂 and it works great. My suggestions are include album cover artwork when playing a tune ( same as iTunes ) and include play lists.

    I would include the option of sync-ing local for a play list or create a custom play list for this purpose. 🙂

    If the play lists were sync to the cloud that would be even better.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Amon_Re Says:


    I’m not sure if i get this right, but the space required to store the music gets deducted from the space alotted to my basic account?

    Or does the music gets stored on deduplicated storage and is ‘unlimited’?

    Also, while 4$ might not seem much for such a service (i already pay about the same to last.fm for their system), in Belgium you have to pay extra for all the data you transmit, using a streaming server for music would easily end up costing me 50$ or more.

    What does interest me is the contacts sync that comes with mobile account, but 4$ to sync contacts is expensive…

  8. ppyo Says:

    I can only sync music and contacts with my Android phone… not files. That is not cool. Dropbox offers that already, why not Ubuntu One? Trying hard to become an iTunes clone?

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