After over a year’s worth of feedback from users like you and a clear view of where we want to take Ubuntu One in the future, we’ve just made some changes to the Ubuntu One service offering and pricing plans.

For starters, we will no longer offer the 50 GB plan to new subscribers. Everyone will get the basic plan and then have the option to add various ‘add-ons’ of services and storage as needed. But here are the details:

Ubuntu One Basic – available now
This is the same as the current free 2 GB option but with a new name. Users can continue to sync files, contacts, bookmarks and notes for free as part of our basic service and access the integrated Ubuntu One Music Store. We are also extending our platform support to include a Windows client, which will be available in Beta very soon.

Ubuntu One Mobile – available October 7th
Ubuntu One Mobile is our first example of a service that helps you do more with the content stored in your personal cloud. With Ubuntu One Mobile’s main feature – mobile music streaming – users can listen to any MP3 songs in their personal cloud (any owned MP3s, not just those purchased from the Ubuntu One Music Store) using our custom developed apps for iPhone and Android (coming soon to their respective marketplaces). These are open source and available from Launchpad. Ubuntu One Mobile will also include the mobile contacts sync feature that was launched in Beta for the 10.04 release.

Ubuntu One Mobile is available for $3.99 (USD) per month or $39.99 (USD) per year. Users interested in this add-on can try the service free for 30 days. Ubuntu One Mobile will be the perfect companion to your morning exercise, daily commute, and weekend at the beach – we’re really excited to bring you this service!

Ubuntu One 20-Packs – available now
A 20-Pack is 20 GB of storage for files, contacts, notes, and bookmarks. Users will be able to add multiple 20-Packs at $2.99 (USD) per month or $29.99 (USD) per year each. If you start with Ubuntu One Basic (2 GB) and add 1 20-Pack (20 GB), you will have 22 GB of storage.

All add-ons are available for purchase in multiple currencies – USD, EUR and, recently added, GBP.

Users currently paying for the old 50 GB plan (including mobile contacts sync) can either keep their existing service or switch to the new plans structure to get more value from Ubuntu One at a lower price.

We know that you will enjoy these new add-ons as well as the performance enhancements we’ve made to Ubuntu One in recent months. If you have questions, our recently updated support area is a great place to start. There you’ll find a link to the current status of Ubuntu One services, a link to our frequently updated list of frequently asked questions, and a way to send us a direct message. As always, you can also ping the team on IRC (#ubuntuone in freenode). We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.

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  2. Kyle Says:

    I like everything but the 99’s. What’s up with all the 99’s? They make my head hurt! Keep the penny and make the prices something more like $3, $4, $30 and $40. It just makes my bank account look a little cleaner, and it makes Ubuntu One a lot more money than I would be able to save by storing the penny. Otherwise, you have a great service for the community. Keep it up.

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  4. Ellipsis Says:

    Finally some competition:

    For $9 you get 62GB of data in the cloud vs. dropbox’s $10/$50GB

    Plus if you use less (like me) you can 22Gb @ $3 which really is great.

    The only complaint I have is that the service is a little overpriced for what it currently offers. Hopefully the price will go down with time or more useful features added.

    Anyway good job!

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  6. Ous Says:

    Count me in… now just make the service faster and more reliable…

  7. Dillon Gilmore Says:

    This is honestly the most amazing thing and it excites me very much. My only complaint is, why only iOS and Android.. It would be awesome if an app came out for WebOS. Especially considering the new devices coming out in 2011.

  8. Adil Says:

    I personally believe that Ubuntu One is key to winning over Windows users. A strong cloud enhanced desktop is the future.

  9. FabriceV Says:

    Too, too much bugs… Does it matter to change the price… Canonical has not done it right, yet…

  10. Adrien Haxaire Says:

    These are excellent news!

    Very nice we can start for a low price. 50 Gb were too much for me, now I’m tempted by one 20-pack.

    Wish you all the success you deserve !

  11. Michael Says:

    Will the Windows client be able to sync contacts with outlook?

  12. AJenbo Says:

    Really nice, my parents only use about 5GB so this will be a lot cheaper for them. I use 21,6GB so i might be able to use it for a month before i have to upgrade 🙂

  13. neal Says:

    Are there any plans for Mac client?

  14. Matthieu Says:


    This was what I was expecting since long time! Maybe now Ubuntu One is getting back to a very interesting offer and will hopefully be able to equal services like Dropbox! Continue to develop it, add windows support and I buy it for sure!!!


  15. MarkC Says:

    How do I persuade the site to show me prices in GBP? Do I need to go all the way through to the checkout before I can see what the price is, or is there some setting that I’ve missed where I can specify my preferred currency?

  16. Denis Says:

    I’ve never been one to use cloud based storage but I enjoy using Ubuntu One, it’s really simple to use.

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  18. Erigami Says:

    I’m really glad about the new pricing model. Some comments:

    – Ditch the .99s. Round up to the nearest amount. It looks so much cleaner, and nobody cares about .01.
    – Stop developing useless stuff like Tomboy sync and improve the money makers: reliability and the music store.

  19. Rick Says:

    Can I pay with PayPal?

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  24. nUboon2Age Says:

    I agree with the sentiment to drop the .99s and round up. That’s a cheesy marketing thing that is essentially a way to trick people. Ubuntu != tricking people.

  25. nUboon2Age Says:

    Also Canonical needs to pay apachelogger or someone to finish the KDE version. And then do more than just wish for versions for Mac, etc. Put some real effort behind crossplatform clients, Canonical!

  26. nUboon2Age Says:

    don’t drop Tomboy sync! but it’d be cool if Gnote was also syncable through U1.

  27. Jay Says:

    For the love of god don’t drop Tomboy sync…

    But yes, the .99c thing is pretty silly.

  28. Brett Says:

    Yeah, I look for the day when Tomboy/Mono is gone for good in the default install 🙂

  29. Kevin J. Wangler Says:

    Any ETA on the Windows client?

  30. Martin from Elfenwald Ecovillage Project Says:

    while it is cool to support the poor “legacy” OS users, there is another crowd who frequently runs Ubuntu as their second OS (sorry, not so often as the first, *lol*) – and would LOVE to sync their Linux boxes with their Macs.

    So I’d like to second what someone already asked above: any plans for your brothers and sisters in the OS X universe? Wormhole AKA MacClient please!

  31. John B Says:

    I dual boot Windows and Ubuntu on 4 computers but run Ubuntu as my primary OS on three of those. I am using SugarSync and was thinking of switching to Jungle Disk because it has a Linux client. But I will use Ubuntu One if a Windows client comes out sooner than later.

    Any rough idea of an ETA?

  32. Rainer Heller Says:

    I have been with computers since the first PDP 11. I reloaded a Dell XPS Gen 2 with Windows XP because XP croaked. I had all the CD;s, but it took over two full days to get it to do 90% of what it used to. I upgraded my three year old Linux inspiron 1420 to Maverick Meerkat and it is doing 150% of what it did after only three hours invested. I upgraded my wife from a Dell latitude Windows XP machine to a Linux Certified Maverick Meerkat dream (System 76). That was done between commercial breaks while watching NCIS. McGee did not even help!

    Ubuntu and open source have come a long way, especially in the last 3 years. I remember dual booting a Windows 2000 with Red Hat and the big job setting that up was. I think that my grandchildren will see a Windows computer next to a Marchant Calculator in a computer museum.

    …and now I see a trusted Cloud coming over the horizon.

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