Ubuntu One Blog: Mobile music streaming public beta now available

Some of you may remember this blueprint about music steaming and the discussion at UDS-M earlier this year. Well we have some great news to share.

This new Ubuntu One service is almost complete and we’d like to invite you to help us test. The mobile music streaming service will enable you to enjoy your music, just like you do with Rhythmbox on your desktop, from your mobile phone.

  • Stream your entire library from your Ubuntu One personal cloud over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.
  • Listen using the new Ubuntu One Music app for Android and iPhone. Apps coming soon.

Want to know more about this new feature? Take a look at the beta test information page which includes a link to join the beta test, a few screenshots, and answers to questions that you may have.

Ubuntu One Music on your Android phone

Get started with Ubuntu One Music

Listen to all of your artists and albums

8 Responses to “Ubuntu One Blog: Mobile music streaming public beta now available”

  1. Kevin J. Wangler Says:

    How about a WebOS app?


  2. forteller Says:

    This sounds fantastic! Just wish you’d created a website, accessible on any device, instead of apps. Is a webapp coming any time? If not I hope you will at least make a Maemo app, and hopefully also apps for other mobile devices!

  3. Martin Albisetti Says:

    Hi Kevin, we don’t plan to work on a WebOS client in the near future.

    Forteller, we never know what’s coming in the future, but we have looked into web-based streaming 😉

  4. Mark East Says:

    Excellent. I just hope you can eventually do the same with pictures and video. I hope this will support synced playlists as well. Really good work though, keep it up.

    Also get that mobile file access working…

  5. Martin Albisetti » Blog Archive » Ubuntu One Music Streaming public beta! Says:

    […] the full announcement for all the details, and go see the wiki page on how to sign […]

  6. Danielgd Says:

    Fantastic news but… what about a Symbian app? It’s the most popular smartphone platform in the world and Spotify already has an app, so I guess streaming is feasible.

  7. mandy sauls Says:

    IMassuming one can download straight to BlackBerry?

  8. Surj Says:

    this is just rebadged subsonic nothing new here move along… http://www.subsonic.org

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