Ubuntu One Blog: Ubuntu One Maverick beta update

Special thanks go out to the Ubuntu Maverick alpha and beta testers and those that are informing us of Ubuntu One bugs in the release. Our team has been hard at work resolving them so I thought I’d provide a brief summary of a few of the most recent fixes.

  • Ubuntu One is now using the new Ubuntu SSO authentication service. There have been many bug fixes along with this change that will make creating an Ubuntu One account more convenient and signing-in to add a computer more reliable
  • Fixed the application name “Ubuntu One” that we display at https://login.ubuntu.com/+applications
  • Added the Nautilus Ubuntu One ribbon and implemented fixes for when it is visible, how it functions, and some related Nautilus crashing issues
  • Fixes to Nautilus displaying published files
  • Many server side improvements to improve server resource efficiency and enhance desktop sync speed
  • Usability enhancements to the contact picker which will make privately sharing folders using your Evolution address book an easier process
  • The Ubuntu One Music Store is now available to Maverick testers using Rhythmbox. A fix is coming soon for Banshee

These are only a few areas that the team has worked on to make it a better service for all customers. Thanks again for the Maverick beta testers for providing important feedback on Ubuntu One. If you notice problems with Ubuntu One on Maverick or any other release, please file bugs at our Launchpad project page.


Just a reminder that if you are filing a bug, it’s best to at least include this basic information (courtesy of Dave Winer via Joshua Hoover).

  1. What you were doing.
  2. What you expected to happen.
  3. What actually happened.


4 Responses to “Ubuntu One Blog: Ubuntu One Maverick beta update”

  1. hitaisin Says:

    will be in future evolution tasks and memos sync?

  2. Josh Says:

    Sorry but the comments were turned off for ubuntu one for windows… Could you fill us in on the juicy details? I’m anxiously anticipating the release!!!

  3. Bill Armer Says:

    Updated Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04, especially for better Nautilus integration with U1. Opened Ubuntu One Preferences, clicked on ‘account’ link. Expected to find a usable interface. Got message that Firefox had crashed on startup.

    Obviously, FF or general 10.04 bugs are beyond your remit. I cannot find any way to use other browsers with the U1 app. Is it possible to decouple U1 prefs from FF? As a workround I’m now using Seamonkey browser.

  4. Deandra Says:

    Yeah that’s what I’m tkaling about baby–nice work!

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