New Ubuntu One Android app and greater device support

We have some great news to share about Ubuntu One support for Android devices.

Ubuntu One Contacts for Android

We recently released an Android version of the Ubuntu One Contacts sync application. This app will sync your phone address book with your Ubuntu One personal cloud to help keep your digital life together. An Ubuntu One account is required.

Ubuntu One Contacts is based on the existing Funambol application but we’ve made a few enhancements.

  • You no longer need a custom username and password. Sign in with your standard Ubuntu One username and password (same as your Ubuntu SSO account)
  • Many interface updates to improve the application’s overall usability

Ubuntu One Contacts is now available for free from the Android Market. Just search for “Ubuntu One” and install. Remember that we’ve temporarily removed the time limit on the mobile contacts sync trial so more people can experience this feature. After the Ubuntu 10.10 release on October 10, we will re-enable the 30-day time limit.

The hackers among you are also welcome to download the source code of our Android application and learn how it works.

More Android devices

Ubuntu One Mobile Contacts Sync now supports more Android devices. In fact, these are some of the most popular Android devices available. They include the following:

  • Google Nexus One
  • HTC Dragon
  • Motorola A855 Tao
  • Motorola Driod
  • Motorola Milestone
  • Motorola Moto XT701
  • Motorola Motorio XT720
  • Motorola Moto XT800
  • Motorola Sholes
  • Motorola Sholes Tablet
  • Motorola Zeppelin

If you have one of these devices, sign up for Ubuntu One and try out Mobile Contacts Sync today.

36 Responses to “New Ubuntu One Android app and greater device support”

  1. Chris Woollard Says:

    What about the HTC Desire?

    That is one of the most popular phones in the UK.


  2. Matt Griffin Says:

    Hi Chris – I’ll check into it. Thanks for the tip!

  3. karit Says:

    Umm I have a Nexus One. Installed the app.
    Clicked signed in
    Entered details
    Said it was cool and logged in
    Clicked the button to return to
    Get message saying “invalid credentials”

    Close app

    Open the app
    Click sign in
    Get invalid credentials

    uninstalled reinstalled

    Same as above

  4. Daz Fuller Says:

    That and the Samsung Galaxy S, is there any way the community can get behind this and help push it on to more devices?

  5. Matt Griffin Says:

    karit – Please report bugs for this application here:

    Daz Fuller – Definitely! For the contacts sync service, we’ve partnered with Funambol. They have a community of developers that help them stay current on phone support. Any enhancements they make on supporting more phones make their way to us. More information about contributing to their community is here:

  6. Rick Says:

    And what about webOS (Palm)?

  7. Emel Oliver Says:

    Since the service has been fixed: I re-installed the application on my motorola droid: launched it, it tells me to sign in to ubuntu one, I hit the button to do so, and it constantly is signing in, then drops back to the screen I started with.

  8. Daz Fuller Says:

    Matt Griffin – Thanks for the info 🙂

  9. HaBaLeS Says:

    Works on HTC Hero with no Problems

  10. Matt Griffin Says:

    Emel – We’re happy to help resolve the issue. Please report your bug for this application here:

  11. Salih Emin Says:

    Hey @Chris Woollard,

    HTC Desire with Android Linux 2.2 here…
    Ubuntu One works like charm !!!

  12. Salih Emin Says:

    Sorry again…

    You are working really hard people… but can you rename the “Ubuntu One Contacts” to real “Ubuntu One” where I can sync also my files ? Is this to much for asking from you now ? 🙂
    I hate using Dropbox for this stuff… I’d prefer Ubuntu One, it a better ‘all-in-one’ experience where Ubuntu Desktop + Android Mobile + Ubuntu One works seamless !

  13. Matt Griffin Says:

    Salih – We’ll get to an Ubuntu One app for files soon… I promise. 🙂

  14. Michał Karnicki Says:

    Salih – before ubuntuone-android-client officially supports files, you can check out for file download / media file upload. More coming soon.

  15. muhammed daud Says:

    android market is not available here in Turkey . is there a way to provide apk file?

  16. Rafik Says:

    Hi guys,

    Great job you’ve done here,

    i could not use the sso feature as the client has the default funambol server so i did end up using using my iphone credentials.

    Would be great if you could drop the server url requiered in order to use sso on android client.

    All the best,


  17. Ubercart Says:

    I’m looking at this for my Samsung Galaxy S. Any news on moving forward with this phone?

  18. The Nelster Says:

    HTC Desire on Android 2.1 and it works perfectly! Marvellous!!

  19. Evil Ed Says:

    Hi, do you suppose Ubuntu One would be available on an Android Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 any time soon?

  20. Joshua Says:

    FYI, if you get an installation error saying “Duplicate provider authority” just uninstall Funambol.

  21. edonia Says:

    I’m using the Galaxy S with ubuntu one already some time:

    In ubuntu one I choosed “Samsung GT-i8000 (Omnia II)”
    On my phone I’m using the funambol app.

    It works great 🙂

  22. Antonio Says:

    I’m waiting for Xperia X10.

  23. Judas Says:

    I agree with Rick…don’t forget about us WebOS users!

  24. erik Says:

    what about g1? i know its kind of old, but it is still the best qwerty android out there and would be great to have support for us too…

  25. Jonnathan Says:

    I’m waiting for Xperia X10 to…

  26. sesso Says:

    It isnt a free service?

  27. Andy Says:

    Wich phone should I choose if I have a HTC Hero? Cant find it in the list

  28. Max Says:

    “After the Ubuntu 10.10 release on October 10, we will re-enable the 30-day time limit.”

    Dropbox apps for android is free and DropxBox offer good support also for ubuntu.
    Ubuntu One is, IMHO, a great service.
    But it lacks of cross platform support, and requesting a fee for mobile sync support when the main competitor (Dropbox) offers all for free, is not a good choice.

  29. Joaquim Homrighausen Says:

    Using HTC Wildfire w/Android 2.1 and the latest UbuntuOne App I can successfully import 200-400 contacts, but when I click “Sync All”, it counts up to somewhere around 60-65 and then just says “Failure”. Looking at the UbuntuOne account, nothing has been stored.

  30. Joaquim Homrighausen Says:

    Uhm — weird side effect. Now when I go to the “People” App on the phone, to add a contact, I’m presented with “Ubuntu One Contacts”, and I cannot get rid of it. Regardless of what I do, I cannot get any other type of input screen ..

  31. Karl Max Fernandes Freire Says:

    Hi people, so, and about Samsung Galaxy i5500, can i use it to sync my contact.. good day to all!!!

  32. Levi Says:

    Are there any plans (or hope) for supporting devices with Android 1.6 like Orange Boston a.k.a Gigabyte GSmart G1305?

  33. Matt Griffin Says:

    Quick reminder… please report bugs for this Android application to the Launchpad bug tracker:

    You can also use Launchpad to request Android devices that you’d like to see supported by Ubuntu One and we’ll work with our partner, Funambol (, on delivering support.

  34. Ken Says:

    Make sure you understand what you are giving up to install this free app. Take a close look at the permissions you are giving the app…

  35. Stefan Says:

    I tested this, and I like the fact the ubuntu team is so active in developing apps for android. However, I don’t see any reason to sign up for a paid account in order to get this. With an android phone, I sure have my gmail account and especially the option to sync my contacts for free plus the great integretion with facebook contacts on sense-devices is the way to go for me.
    If there was any application on my ubuntu desktop with contacts integration that I would require, the ubuntu contacts sync would probably make sense to me, but since I’m using the web based google mail/calender I’m really not going to pay for this.

  36. karsten Says:

    Trying to install the android app on my HTC dersire (android 2.2) the installation stops saying “installation failed”. What am I doing wrong?

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