The personal cloud keeps getting better

The Ubuntu One team is working hard to finish our many enhancements for Ubuntu 10.10. Read a preview of some of the features we’re building. Highlights include:

  • Mobile music streaming
  • Mobile contacts sync enhancements
  • Significantly improved sync performance
  • File sync for Windows

More information coming soon about the other ways Ubuntu One will help bring your digital life together this October.

14 Responses to “The personal cloud keeps getting better”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Hope it’s better then ubuntu one has been

  2. Jerri Says:

    Is contacts-sync back online again? Unfortunately i’ve Never Seen it Working!

  3. Andy Partington Says:

    This is all great, but as I posted on when of the Devs blogs recently was this is all good, but……

    It’s been down for months! I love new features but I don’t when current features don’t work.

    Because of this I’m now using Google Contacts and Dropbox and debating about upgrading.

  4. Matt Griffin Says:

    Contacts (and bookmarks) sync is not back quite yet. We’re currently testing the most recent version of CouchDB to ensure that it will support the large number of Ubuntu One users. All positive results so far so it’s very close.

  5. Andy Cooling Says:

    Love the integration with rhythmbox for music purchases, just need to add mp4’s now, why pay 79-99p for a song with visualisations when you could pay for the video on your Ubuntu powered media centre – food for thought?

  6. Eddie Gomez Says:

    This cloud feature is cool, but it does need an upgrade on the mobile phones from Nextel. People from BOOST Mobile needs to be on the list of providers for this. ADD NEXTEL because it is from BOOST Mobile. I see Motorola in here, but my phone from Nextel is not in HERE! UPGRADE PLEASE!!

    Thank you.

  7. Gregor Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I appreciate your focus on new features but I believe it would be a good idea to take care of the current issues (contacts and bookmarks) instead of focusing on new features and enhancements. I would be more then happy to see those features working properly.

  8. Mike Fischer Says:

    I just canceled my account because it isn’t reliable enough to use. Three unanswered emails prompted the action.

  9. Mark East Says:

    I agree with Andy and Jerri, get the current features working first. The users aren’t interested in the new features, they just want the existing ones to work.

  10. zenarcher Says:

    For the past two days, all I can get is, “Connecting to the cloud….trying to establish a connection.” That’s using Ubuntu One with KDE in Maverick 10.10 Alpha 3.

  11. AJenbo Says:

    I belive that different teams are working on getting the current features back up and running, then are on new features.
    “Significantly improved sync performance” is most likly going to help with fixing couchdb sync, “Mobile contacts sync enhancements” might also.

  12. Brett Says:

    I’ve been very happy with U1 but I must agree. Songbird has had that issue of putting in more features than it can handle and as such has become a massively bloated piece of garbage that lost a good deal of its fanbase.

  13. Matt Griffin Says:

    zenarcher – I assume you are using the client that Harald Sitter is developing in his Google Summer of Code project. The Ubuntu One team is not developing a KDE client for our personal cloud service but is supporting others who want to expand the platform support. Last I checked, Harald was making great progress and at the Alpha 1 stage. I’d expect some instability especially when running an alpha version of the OS. He has a few recent articles about his development of the KDE sync client at his blog including the way to contact him about bugs like this. Thanks!

  14. P37307 Says:

    I have been very happy with ubuntuone. Of course I just sit back and let it go in auto-pilot mode and don’t look at the website v. hard drive sync status every few minutes.

    I recently got a new computer, blanked the hard drive and loaded Lucid. Logged onto Ubuntuone and it did its thing and all my files are there. Of Course I DVD-backed up my files and folders on my old system just in case, did a simple text printout of my files and after the upgrade compared my hard copy text file to new system and didn’t lose a thing.

    I gladly pay my 10 dollars every month. Would pay up to $50.00 for a guaranteed sync speed.

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