Ubuntu One dashboard update

Ubuntu One August 2010 dashboard update

Some of you may have noticed that we recently updated the Ubuntu One dashboard. A few of the changes include:

  • Clearer view of how you’re using Ubuntu One with your files, contacts, and notes
  • Links to important Ubuntu One account management resources
  • Highlight our YouTube channel (more info on that coming soon)

We also added a link to the current Ubuntu One status at the bottom of all pages. This is an area that we update frequently with news about the current status of all Ubuntu One services. It’s a great first place to visit if you notice a problem and are curious if it’s been reported.

As we get closer to Ubuntu 10.10, we’ll release many more updates to the website so stay tuned.

5 Responses to “Ubuntu One dashboard update”

  1. anty Says:

    any idea when we kubuntu users will be able to use this technology from our desktops as well? thanks.

  2. Matt Griffin Says:

    anty – There’s a Google Summer of Code project going on.
    Looks like Harald last uploaded a version a few days ago.

  3. Zac Says:

    Thanks, the improvements are needed. Keep them coming.

  4. Ralph Says:

    If you are going to have a youtube channel, are you going to be sure everything on it is playable without Flash? I use Ubuntu as my main computer and it seems like Ubuntu is putting too many unplayable videos on youtube. I know Flash is available for Ubuntu. I started the installer, but the license is not reasonable, so I won’t install it.
    I have setup Gnash to play youtube videos and it sometimes works, but it is finicky enough that I don’t install it on my main machines.
    Otherwise Ubuntu One is not great, but it is going in the right direction and that bodes well.
    Good luck,

  5. Matt Griffin Says:

    Ralph – Glad you are enjoying Ubuntu One. We’re going to make some more videos soon so we’ll keep your suggestion in mind. Thanks!

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