Mobile Contacts Sync goes to beta

We had a very successful public alpha for Mobile Contacts Sync and have to thank the many that participated for their valuable feedback. Mobile Contacts Sync is now an improved service and we’re ready to move to beta.

In case you don’t know about it, this service enables you to synchronize your mobile phone with your Ubuntu One personal cloud. We support 1000s of mobile phones so chances are that your phone will work. We even have an iPhone client and support Android 2.0 devices.

For those of you that participated in the alpha, we will reset your 30-day trial on Monday, May 3rd, so you can continue to use the service for another 30 days.

If you haven’t used Mobile Contacts Sync yet, it is available to everyone. All free Ubuntu One subscribers can even try the feature for 30 days at no charge.

Learn more about it at the Ubuntu One website.

6 Responses to “Mobile Contacts Sync goes to beta”

  1. James D Shuford Says:

    Will there be support for the BlackBerry Bold 9700?

  2. agustin martinez Says:

    Cuanto costara el servicio de sincronizacion de contactos?
    Porque tiene precio?

  3. rhardie Says:

    I would like to sync my HTC Hero which has the Android OS.

    Syncing a Linux OS to another Linux OS seems like a reasonable priority when wanting to advance Linux use.

    I have yet to find anything (Ubuntu) Linux that syncs with my Android OS. It may be there and I have not found it yet, which would then suggest maybe such availability could be better publicized so more people can find the application more easily.

    I am happy to see Ubuntu bringing more main stream features to the OS that would either make our experience more enjoyable and/or attract the attention of users of other OSs.

  4. Alexi George Says:

    There were no support for Samsung SCH W299, the dual sim, GSM/CDMA phone.

  5. profbib Says:

    I would respectfully suggest that you consider additional subscription options. Though wonderful, a 50gb plan for $10 per month is really more than I need, though I would consider paying $5 per month for 20 or 25gb. Thanks – Ubuntu One is finally working smoothly for me since 10.04!

  6. bryan Says:

    It would be nice to sync my HTC Dream (G1) – running 2.1 – with ubuntu one.
    Is the source available somewhere so support could be added?

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