Sync any folder and file publishing

Ubuntu One users running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS will have access to two great new features (among many others).

Sync any folder
You no longer have to put everything that you want synchronized into the Ubuntu One folder. Right-click on any folder in your home directory and choose “Synchronize on Ubuntu One”. Now the folder will sync with your personal cloud and your other computers. If the same folder exists on your other computers, the contents will be merged. Now it’s easy to sync your Documents, Music, Pictures, or any folder in your home directory.

File publishing
Ubuntu One already supports sharing folders with specific people who are also Ubuntu One subscribers. We now enable you to publish your files for anyone to see. We call it file publishing and it even comes with a convenient short URL to send to all of your friends. Right-click on any synchronizing file and choose “Publish via Ubuntu One”. Right-click again and choose “Copy Ubuntu One public URL” to add the short URL to your clipboard. Now you can sync, share and publish… directly from your Ubuntu desktop.

More information on these and many other great Ubuntu One features for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS will be available soon at

Watch Joshua’s screencast to learn how to use these new features.

23 Responses to “Sync any folder and file publishing”

  1. dragonbite Says:

    Why not just sync your entire /home/ directory so even your settings, etc. are all available from multiple computers?

  2. Hybrid Says:

    Cause some people either have the non-subscription version of Ubuntu One, or have too much in their Home directory to sync the entire directory (as is my case).

  3. bigmaccer Says:

    Pretty cool!

    By the way: which application did you use for producing this screencast with built-in video?

  4. Jayson Says:

    @dragonbite That is totally, nonsense imagine a huge amount of trash you would synchronize.

  5. Joshua Blount Says:

    I’m not sure how big your home directory is, but mine is closer to 120GB than 50GB ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. just a litlle boy Says:

    i don’t know if this is the right place to post this but…
    it would be great to have an extension for openoffice, evince, the photo viewer… to open files directly from an ubuntuone account, or to upload them and sync them. there’s an openoffice extension that does something like this with an google docs account.

  7. Wolf Geldmacher Says:

    … because like in my case that might mean syncing 20GB (and growing)?

  8. Joshua Purcell Says:

    @dragonbite: That’s the idea, but it can’t be made as the default config since there’s not telling what size people’s home directory is. This way a person can decide what config files need to be shared.

  9. drspinderwalf Says:


    I don’t know what you use computers for, but my home directory is FAR larger than 2 Gigs!

    Just one of my folders takes of four or five.

  10. Gus Says:

    Thanks for the video. You’re right, its a really cool (and useful!)feature.

  11. ariel Says:

    hola realice todos los pasos pero me aparece en gris la opciรณn copiar URL publico de Ubuntu One, pero la la imagen si esta en My Storage de ubuntu one

  12. DB6EDR Says:

    Probably because it will exceed the 2 GB quota with ease …

  13. Gvidas Says:

    Don’t know about yours, but my home folder, with pictures, music, videos, etc., takes up way more than 2Gb.

  14. Zarneth Says:

    @dragonbite: You may want to think about how much bandwidth would be used if EVERYTHING was synced like that.

  15. Jari Says:

    How about calendar sync?

  16. Stephen Says:

    you guys rock. keep it up! ubuntu one is shaping up to be the killer app Linux for me.

  17. Live Says:

    Why not just sync your entire /home/ directory so even your settings, etc. are all available from multiple computers?

    I have a 1Tb home folder – not a good idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Using and learning Ubuntu is paying off because of you guys, pls. keep the bugs level down. ๐Ÿ™

  18. Z3ro3X Says:

    I don’t know about syncing my entire /home folder. My music collection alone surpasses the 50 GB Ubuntu One service. I also have a lot of pictures and movies. Ubuntu One would need to come up with a 500 GB service if I ever wanted to sync my hard drive. Syncing user settings would be useful. The Ubuntu One Preferences window needs an option under the Services tab for syncing user settings. The trick is getting it to know what’s user settings and what’s not. I have one hidden folder that begins with a . that I wouldn’t want synced.

  19. Marco Trevisan Says:

    Very nice features… And I love also the new web interface for files, but it lacks of the ordering option: I would like to order my files by uploaded date or by size like it was possible before.

    Thanks for your precious work anyway.

  20. Gregory Says:

    Is there going to be some sort of badge on the icons of files and folders shared with this service eventually? It would be nice to be able to see what’s shared at a glance.

  21. Joshua Hoover Says:

    Gregory, We may put a badge/emblem on files shared publicly in a future release. The trick is going to be to have it make sense along with the other emblems. -Joshua

  22. Sofox Says:

    Well, Windows have that disembodied hand thing for shared folders…

    By the way, awesome demonstration (Feature-wise and presentation-wise).

  23. Clive Says:

    When publishing files to ubuntu one I have an issue, some files have the green/blue circling arrows symbolising that they are published okay and as such I can copy public URL’s, though some have these arrows greyed out with what appears to be an exclamation point in a small square in the centre. I assume this is a problem but where can I find out what the problem is? A right click merely has the relevant options greyed out. what gives? -C

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