Updates to web contacts

There’s a lot of great activity going on in the Ubuntu One team these days. Over the coming weeks leading up to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, you will start to see more and more information about new desktop and website features and improvements that will make Ubuntu One a more stable service and a joy to use.

Contacts update

We recently made some changes to the contacts page by grouping your address book in an A-to-Z format. This should make it load faster and be easier to use whether you have 10 contacts or thousands. There are also a few more enhancements to this tool coming soon.

Stay tuned for more news on all of the improvements coming soon to Ubuntu One.

5 Responses to “Updates to web contacts”

  1. Omi Says:


    Thank you for a best service for a best OS(UBUNTU)

    I would love to see a feature that could sync the calandar and Todo with Evolution. It would be a great service.

    Regards Omid

  2. Leo Says:

    Hello! It is a good idea to group address book in an A-to-Z format. But non-latin contacts moves down of the page. My contacts in russian, and there is difficult to find them fast…

  3. Matt Griffin Says:

    Leo: Thanks for your comments. There are a couple of open bugs that should make this a better experience.

  4. Manolis Says:

    Great idea but my contacts are not in Latin,are in Greek and doesn’t help me at all.

  5. Matt Griffin Says:

    Manolis: I think we’ve got a bug open to display non-Latin characters in a better way. In fact, it might be fixed on our edge environment but not quite deployed yet to production. Try this out and see if it looks better for your contacts. Thanks!

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