Ubuntu One Music Store now in public beta

Hello Lucid Testers!

Many in the Ubuntu community are excited about the Ubuntu One Music Store. The ability to search and buy popular music from within Rhythmbox is right around the corner. Today is the day that we are expanding testing by inviting all Ubuntu Lucid users to take part in the public beta of this new feature.

Testing goal

Our primary goal for this phase of testing is to ensure that the purchase and download experience is flawless. Integrating a cloud service like Ubuntu One with buying music is new for digital music stores. While it brings many benefits to users, it also adds technical complexity that increases the opportunity for problems to occur.

Testers must keep in mind that this is a beta test. We are excited to open this feature up for wider testing, but testers must understand that things will break. If something happens preventing a tester from receiving songs, there may be a delay in fulfilling their purchase. The best thing to do is to tell us about the problem using the channels below so we can resolve it quickly.

How to provide feedback

For those of you who want to test the Ubuntu One Music Store, there are a few ways for you to search for and report issues.

  • Search Launchpad [1] for your issue
  • Report new bugs against the Rhythmbox Ubuntu One Music Store project [2]
  • Chat with all beta testers on IRC: #u1msbeta on freenode

These are the primary places that the store developers will be monitoring so directing questions and issues here will ensure that they will be addressed.

The music selection

During the first few days of this expanded testing, some users may notice gaps in the songs available in the store. We are aware of it and are addressing the issue. It should be resolved very soon.

Our catalog will continue to improve and we will also look for efficient ways that users can provide more feedback about improving the selection of songs available.

How to test the store

All Lucid users around the world are invited to participate in this beta test of the Ubuntu One Music Store. If something unexpected happens, you need to tell us about it. The only way that the store will get better for everyone is if you do your part and speak up.

Some areas to test include…

  • MP3 codec detection
  • Search
  • Browse
  • Preview song samples
  • Add items to your basket
  • Checkout and buy process
  • Download to Ubuntu One
  • Sync to your computer
  • Songs added to your Rhythmbox library
  • Review purchase history in My Downloads

MP3 support

Many have had questions about MP3 support for the store and how their computer would play purchased songs. You do not have to purchase any software or codecs to play the songs on your computer. Additional details on this issue are available on the Ubuntu One Music Store FAQ page [3].

How to install the store

If Rhythmbox on your Lucid installation doesn’t already have the Ubuntu One Music Store option, use Software Center to search for and install the plugin. Enable the plugin by going to Edit > Plugins in Rhythmbox.


We already provide a lot of great information about the store on the Ubuntu wiki [3]. This area and the FAQ content will be updated with more information as we get additional feedback from your testing.

Thank you for your help in improving the Ubuntu One Music Store for everyone!

The Ubuntu One Team

[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store
[2] In order for the team to capture the most information about your issue, please file a bug by opening a terminal and typing: ubuntu-bug rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store
[3] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/MusicStore 

74 Responses to “Ubuntu One Music Store now in public beta”

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  2. Lorenz Says:

    yeahhhh! so cool to have it, going to test it right away :)

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  4. bas89 Says:


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  7. Arnab Das Says:

    I was sooo waiting for this! I just hope the bug fixes are implemented by the time Lucid releases.

  8. Ubuntu One Music Store, beta pública disponible | Ubunlog Says:

    […] ver el anuncio aquí. […]

  9. Ducky Says:

    Sounds awesome! I’ll wait a while before trying to install v10 again though. Got myself a huge purple screen both times I tried who I couldnt get passed.

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  12. Dietrich T. Schmitz Says:

    Outstanding work Canonical!

    Dietrich T. Schmitz
    GNU/Linux Advocate

  13. Ryan Says:

    What is the (for want of a better word) business case for the Ubuntu One Music Store? Is there a possibility that you will add say and Android app so I can use it from my phone, or would you want me to use Rhythmbox to sync my phone instead?

  14. Ubukool Says:

    Who needs iTunes? :-)

  15. Matt Griffin Says:

    Ryan: We think an Ubuntu desktop application can deliver a better user experience for purchasing popular music that a web browser experience. There were (and still are) existing stores that offered great music so we wanted to expand the catalog available to users. We’re using Rhythmbox because it’s the music player application that ships with Ubuntu. We are very interested in adding the Ubuntu One Music Store to other software and devices (like Android) :) Thanks for the message.

    Ubukool: +1 :)

  16. Carlos Says:

    Will the store be available to all countries?

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  18. Matt Griffin Says:

    Carlos: Yes but countries will have access to different songs through the 5 regional stores. Three of the stores are country-specific (US, UK, and Germany). One of the stores is for a group of countries (EU). And the fifth store is for countries not covered by the other stores. Essentially, the greater the number of countries in a region, the less amount of music available. It seems backwards but that’s just the way the majority of the music industry is right now. We will watch the usage of the stores and decide on where to expand with more country-specific stores. I hope this answers your question. Thanks for your interest.

  19. John Nelson Says:

    I like it. However, I’m not quite sure what the difference is between the “New” tab and the “Just added” tab. This seems to be a redundancy. Also, there’s some “cleanup” which needs to be done (e.g., the sentence: “1. Click the play icon [add image?] for each track” [sic] in the help section). All in all, though, it’s a nice job. I look forward to the final product!

  20. dom Says:

    nice nice!

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  23. Matt Griffin Says:

    John Nelson: Thanks! I understand why “New” and “Just Added” is a little confusing. Perhaps we should change the titles. “New” means new releases of music that has never been released before – in MP3, on CD or vinyl. “Just Added” is typically music that might been been available on CD or vinyl but never in MP3 format… until now. Thanks for your suggestions. We love to hear feedback. Please feel free to open any bug reports with these ideas. Instructions are in the blog post.

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  27. Loris Zinsou Says:

    Will you wait until Lucid+1 is released to add new country specific stores with a greater amout of music, or will it be done in a shorter term ?

    I still do not understand why, for example, Ubuntu One Music Store if used from France, contains fewer tracks than 7Digital France…

    At first, I wished I could use U1 Music Store as my only non-free music source (about 30€ monthly, plus 10$ additional storage on U1 files), but that’s not going to make it for now.

    I hope it will be fixed soon !

  28. AlexandreP Says:

    I’m intrigued about the reasons why the music industry does not offer all its catalog worldwide. Can we have a list of the majors’ catalogs which are not offered in the EU and Worldwide stores but are available in US/UK/DE stores ? And is there some place where this decision by the music industry is explained ?

  29. The UbuntuOne Music Store Now Open « The Jungle Online Says:

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  30. Matt Griffin Says:

    AlexandreP: The short answer is contracts :) The geographic restrictions have their origin in the old days of the physical distribution of music and the relationships between artists and financing labels. Hopefully, with the growth of digital distribution and decreasing costs of producing good music, the music industry will catch-up. You’ll find more information from a Wikipedia search for ‘Music Industry’. I will update the wiki page with information about which labels are available for the EU and World region stores. Thanks for your interest in the store.

  31. michael 2.0 » Blog Archive » Open Ubuntu Music Store Says:

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  32. Kevin Says:

    …so can we use it on other GNUs than Ubuntu?

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  34. babis79 Says:

    Yeah awesome and it was my idea :)


    Even if the idea was voted done, the Ubuntu Music Store is now real. That’s really cool.

    Thank you Canonical!

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  39. JEANJEAN Says:

    Awesome, astonishing, :)

    do You know if there any lyrics disponible with the title (for english learners of course :D), ..or not…

  40. Ubuntu One Music Store goes into public beta, Canonical calls for more testers | last100 Says:

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  41. generic levitra without prescription Says:

    I read blogs on a similar topic, but i never visited your blog. I added it to favorites and i’ll be your constant reader.

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  44. Gerhard Says:

    I just bought my first album on Ubuntu One Music Store and it worked perfect. Thanks for your work. It’s an absolutly great feature.

    PS: Ubuntu One sync with Android would be outstanding! :-)

  45. Matt Griffin Says:

    Kevin: Yes. It was built as a re-usable plugin so the store could be added in many places.

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  52. pattyland Says:

    RythBox crash every time I click on an song in the store :(

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  54. Paul Says:

    I found a way to sneak out of the store: http://i.imgur.com/oxzfV.png
    And I got redirected to this other store by using search: http://imgur.com/XX6yV.png

  55. Piotr Says:

    This is really incredible how this kind community lead by canonical can make so good features. Brilliant

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  58. omagus Says:

    nice job brothers..! it’s a great feature..!

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  66. yman Says:

    At the bottom of the page there is a link called System Requirements which leads to incorrect/redundant information, please fix. Example:
    “Q) What are the system requirements for this music service?

    A) You must have a PC running Windows 98 or above with Windows Media Player 7 or above. We recommend Windows XP and Windows Media Player 10.
    Q) What quality are the downloads?

    A) The downloads are Windows Media Audio 9 Series encoded at 192kbps and are virtually indistinguishable from CD-quality audio.”

  67. yman Says:

    This is the problematic page I was talking about:

  68. yman Says:

    And the UOMS needs a favicon.

  69. Matt Griffin Says:

    yman: Thanks for the comment. This has been reported already in our bug tracker. Early next week, I will update all of the footer links and help content. Feel free to view any of the open bugs and log un-reported issues at the project page: https://launchpad.net/rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store
    Thanks for helping out with the Ubuntu One Music Store beta test!

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  71. mathieu Says:

    nik s voor mij alleeen maar oude muziek :(

  72. Anonymous Says:

    […] […]

  73. Ubuntu one music store Says:

    […] ubuntu one team has launched the service ubuntu one music store, currently it’s in beta. It’s included in the new ubuntu 10.04 «lucid lynx», you can […]

  74. ECUmoney investment Says:

    Great information. It’s really useful. Thanks

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