Can you hear the music?

Well probably not yet, but the Ubuntu One Music Store is right around the corner.

The team has made great progress since we announced this new Ubuntu feature just a few short months ago at UDSLucid in Dallas. That session was very important for a couple of reasons. It confirmed the community’s interest in having easy access to popular music from within an Ubuntu application. It was also an excellent opportunity to learn some of the community’s concerns and desires. We think we’ve built a music store that everyone will enjoy using at the launch of Ubuntu 10.04 and as it evolves in the future.

There have been some great discussions in blogs and blog comments since bits of the store started appearing in Lucid Lynx Alphas. Now that Lucid Lynx has just passed the Alpha 3 milestone, I thought it was a good time to give everyone a quick update.

The store is currently being thoroughly tested by a small group of users. After we fix some of the initial bugs, we’ll expand testing to a larger group. This should be in the next few weeks. In the meantime, we’ve prepared an FAQ for everyone to learn more about the upcoming music store. Additional information about expanded testing will be posted here so follow this blog or our posts on and twitter for more information.

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  2. Andrew Says:

    Sounds awesome! Can’t wait, something to finally replace itunes so that we can go buy new releases on ubuntu!

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  4. Eric Says:

    Really pumped about the music store, I love using Rhythmbox, and it’ll be great saying goodbye to iTunes in VirtualBox. Apple wants to charge over $100 for me to unlock all the DRM music they sold me years back, they want me pay for music I’ve already purchased, I don’t remember paying for DRM in the first place. Happy to hear about the Ubuntu One backups. Can’t wait till Lucid.

  5. saskvoch Says:

    Im really enjoying Banshee and the new clutterflow plugin available for it. Any chance Ubuntu One Music Store will be included in Banshee somehow?

    I have a big reggae collection of CDs that I just finished transferring to the computer. Ziggy Marley’s first couple of albums are only on LP as far as I know. Ive looked ALL OVER different music stores online, even checked indie record stores for a CD of one of his early albums with the Melody Makers (his original group). I decided to log into 7 Digital (the U1 music store) and there it wass for $6.99 as a digital download. AWESOME. Thanks for giving us a place to shop for music!

  6. Ángel Says:

    I’m really glad to know that you are teaming up with 7Digital on this… I’ve been buying digital albums from them for some time now, and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of both their releases and their customer service. 🙂

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  8. Anonymous Says:

    Jamendo and Magnatune were fine, but I really don’t know what to think about seeing these labels (that sued thousands of file sharers) on my desktop. I know you’re giving away a great GNU/Linux distro for free and need revenue streams, but, these labels… I’m not going to buy anything from them anyway, I’d still rather give my money to Magnatune or to the LimeWire music store.

  9. Dante Says:

    Would this be coming to Amarok as well? It is, after all, capable of plugins and scripts…

  10. Tracy Rosen Says:

    I read the FAQ. Do I understand it properly… Canadian users will only have access to independent lables? And not right away?

  11. Matt Griffin Says:

    Dante: We would love for the Ubuntu One Music Store to be integrated into Amarok. Our focus for the launch has been Rhythmbox because it is the music player that ships with Ubuntu. I know other teams are working on a Banshee integration and we woud welcome an Amarok one as well. The best thing is for members of the Amarok team to take a look at our source and chat with us in IRC (#ubuntuone on freenode) about implementation.

  12. Matt Griffin Says:

    Tracy: Sorry. I guess I need to see if I can make the FAQ a little clearer. At the launch of 10.04, users in Canada will have access to the World store. The World store will only offer songs from independent labels. After the 10.04 launch, we will review the stats to decide where to build more region-specific stores (with wider selections of music). Canada will probably be at or near the top of that list.

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