Contribute with Ubuntu One Bug Day

Each day Ubuntu One usually has at least one representative from the team dedicated to addressing subscriber questions, participating in IRC discussions, and responding to bugs. A few months ago, we decided that this would be enhanced by the entire team collaborating for a short period of time on open bugs and subscriber questions. We called it Bug Day.

The goal was to reduce the list of bugs in an undecided state. After a few months, we’ve found this to be very useful in addressing open issues and questions, identifying duplicates, elevating the overall knowledge of the entire team and sharing best practices.

Tuesday is the next Ubuntu One Bug Day, and this time we’re going to try something a little different. We would like invite our subscribers to join us. This will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Ubuntu One service, improve your skills and assist your fellow Ubuntu community members.

Date: Tuesday, 2 February 2010
Time: 1400-1600 UTC
Place: Join us in #ubuntuone on freenode in IRC

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  1. tianfan Says:

    i’m a chinese user for ubuntu.i like ubuntu’s very convenient.
    2GB space is enough for me now,but i suggest that the price bring down a little for 50G space.because harddisk is about 50$ in China with 500GB.And more than 80% people earning less than 300$ per month.And 10$ is enough for Chinese buy food for one week.
    So ,if one day ,ubuntu one has network server in China and the price is no more than ¥20(about $3),i think i will pay for that

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