Ubuntu One coming to Fedora?

We have great news for the open source community. thomas has been developing an Ubuntu One client for Fedora! This quote says it all.

“I just synced my first test file to the cloud ! Whee !”

Thanks thomas. Great job! Read more about his adventures on this project.

Are you a developer who would like to use Ubuntu One on another platform? We would happy to help. Join our development team in #ubuntuone on freenode or subscribe to the project mailing list and let’s chat about your project. Our support page has more information on these options.

2 Responses to “Ubuntu One coming to Fedora?”

  1. James Says:

    I think this is really important, if Canonical can get U1 on other distro’s and on Windows, they will increase their potential revenue stream, and also tempt more users away from dropbox.

    I also think that smartphone apps to sync a phone with the addressbook in U1 would be excellent.

    I’d love to have a U1 addressbook on my Nokia N900…

  2. sawyer Says:

    makes me want to try fedora now, as another redhAT distro.

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