Setup Ubuntu One in 9.10 Karmic Koala

There are many great features included in the 9.10 (Karmic) release. Of course the one that we’re excited about is that Ubuntu One is included. Setting up Ubuntu One is now easier than ever.

After your 9.10 install or upgrade is completed, ensure that you are connected to the Internet and launch the Ubuntu One application found in Applications >> Internet. The web browser will open and you will be asked to login to Launchpad. If you don’t already have a Launchpad account, you can create one. Next, select your Ubuntu One plan and add your computer to synchronize with Ubuntu One. Now Ubuntu One will start to automatically synchronize. It’s that easy.

If you already had files, Tomboy notes, and contacts synchronized from another Ubuntu machine, they will be automatically downloaded to your new Ubuntu 9.10 installation into the “Ubuntu One” folder.

All of these steps can be found in the Ubuntu One Tutorials. This area also includes information about how to setup and use the other great features of Ubuntu One.

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4 Responses to “Setup Ubuntu One in 9.10 Karmic Koala”

  1. Jost Says:

    Nice blog post! I know this is not the place to ask for assistance, but let me just say I am somewhere between disappointed and deeply frustrated with your documentation of the install procedure and this just needs to be said!

    From the tutorial: “A web page will launch after clicking Ubuntu One in the previous step”
    uhm…. ok, I’ve tried three times now, even purged and reinstalled the client from scratch. I don’t know why, but fact is, on my computer this doesn’t happen. It just shows me a windows telling me that it’s syncing my files. Syncing with what I don’t know, because my ubuntu one account credentials are substantially different from my ubuntu login data and I never supplied them to the client. To no suprise in the end it doesn’t work. This I had to find out for myself by the way, no error message, no login mask, nothing…

    Again from the tutorial referenced in your post: “A web page will launch after clicking Ubuntu One in the previous step (see the image below)”
    uhm…. exactly what “image” is this sentence referencing? The only thing even remotely resembling an image on the entire page is the ubuntu-one-logo. And apart from it being above, not below the text, it is not exactly helpful either.

    But let’s not give up that easily. There’s always the FAQs to consult!
    “1 Go to Applications >> Internet and click Ubuntu One.”
    –been there, done that.
    “2 If you are not already logged into Launchpad, you will be asked to do so.”
    –uhm…. no Sir, it just starts the client, attempts to connect, and silently fails…
    3 “Click “Add your computer” in your web browser.”
    yeah… just that the web browser doesn’t start, and when I try to go to, login and change the account settings manually it just states the obvious (your computer isn’t set up) and points to the aforementioned tutorial… NOT HELPING!
    Obviously the ubuntu-one-client is supposed to launch a website to complete the installation, and for whatsoever reason this doesn’t work automatism fails on my computer.
    This would all vanish into a minor invonvenience, if I could just find out what url the program is supposed to launch, because then I could simply visit the url manually and we could all still be friends.
    This url however seems to be a big state secret, so bottom line is I cannot use ubuntu one.
    Oh well, thanks for the fish, there are other web storage services out there…

  2. Matt Griffin Says:

    Jost – Sorry to hear about the problems. Our developer staff would be happy to help out and fix the issue. The best way to reach out to us is through Launchpad Bugs. We read every single bug (sometimes twice) and try to respond quickly. What you describe sounds similar to some other bugs I’ve read so I’m confident that we will be able to help you out.

    If Launchpad Bugs isn’t your thing, you can also contact us through IRC in #ubuntuone on freenode. The chat topic usually has the name of the team member that is on call for each day.

  3. Milly Says:

    And I was just wnoedring about that too!

  4. Lettie Says:

    Very true! Makes a cahgne to see someone spell it out like that. 🙂

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