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Laura czajkowski

Some of us on the Launchpad team have been working on Ubuntu’s MAAS (Metal as a Service) over the past few months.

MAAS is all about giving your physical servers the flexibility and ease of deployment you’ve come to expect from the cloud. With MAAS your cluster of ten, one thousand or a hundred thousand servers becomes a single, reusable, pool of computing resource that you can pull up and tear down just like VMs in the cloud.

Tomorrow, Matthew from the Launchpad team is hosting a couple of webinars introducing MAAS. They’re both the same content but at different times.

If you’re interested, sign up for the 15,00 UTC talk or the later one at 18.00 UTC.

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The term “Cloud” is getting so much buzz that it sometimes feels like white noise (or the buzz of an annoying fly that no amount of swatting will keep away from your newspaper/coffee/breakfast). The second data resides on the web, or software is provided as a service, the term “Cloud” seem to settle on the brain, gleefully rubbing its little paws.

The thing is, the term has a specific meaning, as distinct from “on the Internet.” As a matter of fact, it is an important meaning, with very specific implications, considering what actual cloud offerings are out there, available for Enterprises.

Canonical has a cloud (or Infrastructure as a Service, to be more precise) offering, and next week, on August 12th, we will be showcasing it and showing how you can administer it.  Registration is open for those who want to check it out.

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With all the recent focus on the cloud, one might (not quite) forget the pervasiveness of the Ubuntu Desktop.   Last week we ran two sessions of a webinar about migrating your desktop to Ubuntu.  We had excellent registration and attendance levels (always pleasing to the heart of a marketer), but even more importantly, I got a distinct sense of readiness from the audience – readiness to move to Ubuntu (as well as being informed that indeed many users already have).

For curious souls, you can check out the recordings of the webinar for the morning session.

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