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Due to some unplanned traveling I ended up near the Bay Area last week, more specifically Canonical was holding an internal Cloud Sprint in Oakland, CA, and Martin asked me to participate and push our agenda for the upcoming click packages upload and download services, which need to be live by October at least on its simplest form. But I’ll tell you more about that in a separate post.

What I want to share with you today is the joy of being able to connect with old friends and recollect memories, as I mentioned I was longing for in my last post. In those few days I was in California I managed to catch up with Limi and Philipp, said an en passant hi to Rob Miller at the Mozilla SF office, had dinner with Gustavo, walked around the city with Fernando, Alberto, and Geoff, ending up at an amazing Chinese restaurant pretty much by accident, paid a visit to Marlon, who took me on a guided tour of the Facebook HQ followed by lunch at The Cheesecake Factory which I couldn’t refuse. It was exausting, but really great catching up with everyone!

A recurring topic between all of us was the general issues that all of our companies (Mozilla, Canonical, Facebook) have with general public perception. Most interestingly perhaps is the similarity between Canonical and Facebook when it comes down to privacy matters, how there seems to be a disconnect between the internal and external messaging on those matters, and how much the public perception is biased by the media and the very loud minority of privacy tinfoil hat zealots. I wish I could do more to help with solving that. Perhaps pushing for more transparency, better communication at least from the technical side of things could be a way to improve that.

Tech talks aside, I was simply overwhelmed by how much my kids’ pictures and videos are popular amongst friends. Every single person that I talked to was quick to mention that as the very first thing. Oddly, that generally does not reflect in likes and comments on those Facebook posts, which is an interesting observation. Are people generally afraid of clicking that Like link or is it too much effort for them? I’m sure it would do for a great usability study.

I hope to explore a bit more on the outcome of the sprint on a later post. Suffice to say that I was really glad to be present and contribute some feedback to all the planning that’s going into the next cycle, and the opportunity to meet some old friends while at it was invaluable. Looking forward to be doing more of that in the coming months, at FISL and PythonBrasil.

As an article I’ve read yesterday mentioned, we tech heads seem to live on a bubble that mostly bounces between social networks and having post work hours drinks with colleagues, usually from the same company. I wish we could all be more social in the physical world, and talk more about things that are not so tech-related. About life, and family, and non-work things, and enjoy ourselves more.

And headed straight into the shining sun.

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Daniel Holbach

For more than once cycle I have been involved with the Developer Advisory Team and it’s been a fantastic time. I’ve blogged about it before, but if you need a short intro, you could watch the lightning talk from last UDS about it. Think of it as a team of people who help to make the development experience of Ubuntu more social.

We welcome new contributors to the community, we collect feedback, we help with applying for upload rights and the atmosphere in our team is great.

If you would like to work together with us (here’s the team in its full glory), please get in touch with me or just comment below. If you enjoy interacting with people and have sufficient insight into the Ubuntu development process, we’d be delighted to have you.

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Tim Penhey (thumper)


I've been sucked into the world that is facebook. Invited by one of the guys that I used to play rugby with in the UK. I had been staying away from the social networks (apart from Linked In). I had heard they were addictive, and I didn't really see the point.

However when I received the invite I thought "Why not?", so I registered. The interesting part was when I let facebook check my gmail box for people that I know. There were quite a few people that I knew already using facebook. Yay what fun.

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