Ubuntu is the first OS which supports Indian Rupee Symbol, Since release Of Ubuntu 10.10. Here is the one fact that nobody can type Indian Rupee Symbol without support of font. So font should have Indian Rupee Symbol in it. By default Ubuntu 10.10 is coming with that. So, it will make easy for your OS to display Rupee Symbol and copy paste of it, but typing of it is tricky, you can use Ctrl + Shift u20b9. But it would very hard for anybody to type frequently with above key combination. Also, it is very tricky add key combination with some hack. But now onwards it would be de-facto :).

According to government, all OS should support Indian Rupee Symbol. For Enduser, It should be easy to print it from Keyboard using AltGr + 4 Key combination.
It has assign u2b09 Unicode Number. Here is some insight.

As i told earlier, Ubuntu is supporting it since Ubuntu 10.10 release, but typing it using “AltGr + 4” was not supported. Infect there wasn’t any Keyboard Layout with Rupee Symbol Support. But, hold your breath, Ubuntu has released new package xkb-data, which contains new India Keyboard Layout with Rupee Symbol support. It’s already in proposed repository for testing. So If you are in Ubuntu 10.10, please enable proposed. it will allow you to install newly uploaded package xkb-data, which has new India Keyboard Layout with Rupee Symbol. Install it from repository. Restart the machine to be at safer side. After successful restart you will find new keyboard layout under India as Country and India With Rupee Sign as variant of Keyboard Layout.

So, here is instruction to achieve the same.

1. Go to -> System -> Preferences -> Keyboard
2. Above step will will launch new window “Keyboard Preferences”
3. Select second tab “Layouts” to modify the keyboard layouts.
4. At middle of the windows, you will find “Add” button to add new layout.
5. Above step will launch new window “Choose a Layout”
6. Default tab would be “By Country”, Choose “India” as Country and “India With RupeeSign” as variants, it would be last in the list
7. Please add above layout and make it default in “Keyboard Preferences”, also make it top with “Move Up” button.
8. Close everything.

Here is pictorial view for better reference.

Keyboard Preferences in Ubuntu 10.10

Keyboard Preferences in Ubuntu 10.10


Add new Keyboard Layout "India With RupeeSign" in Keyboard Preferences in Ubuntu 10.10

Add new Keyboard Layout "India With RupeeSign" in Keyboard Preferences in Ubuntu 10.10

Now, you can enjoy the Rupee symbol with “Right Alt + 4” Key combination. “Right Alt” is called as “AltGr” Key. But please make sure that you are on “India With RupeeSign” Keyboard Layout as your default Keyboard Layout. Here is from my side  using “AltGr (Right Alt) + 4” Combination = “ ?

You can achieve the same in Ubuntu 10.04, but you have to also install Ubuntu Font Family from here and install latest “India With RupeeSign” Keyboard layout using xkb-data package from proposed repository. It would be default in Natty. We have done ad-hoc testing of Rupee Symbol in Open Office, Gedit, and Gnome-Terminal, Empathy, Firefox.

I am sure, you will feel now “Proud To Be Ubuntu User”. That’s all for now.

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